• Cori Yarckin "Ringing In My Head" Concert & CD Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. I tell ya when it comes to doing music reviews; I’m not all that great at it, though I give it my best when I do. You see I love music for how it sounds and how it makes me feel and trying to put it into words, well it doesn’t always come across so great. But I keep at it and I always will so long as TOV remains. This next new artist, a cutie from Orlando, Florida, has all the makings of a Grammy/American music award/Billboard award winner, and she’s also pleasing to both the eyes as well the ears. See I was told from a friend that Myspace was a great place to find new artists and since its TOV’s specialty to cover up and coming artists, we ventured into the world of Myspace. And after swimming through a sea of independent musicians, we came up with our first nugget of gold. She’s got the face of “Smallville’s” Kristin Kreuk, the body of a goddess and the voice sent from the heavens above. Her name is Cori Yarckin and she’s about to take the world by storm with her first CD titled “Ringing In My Head”.

This review is actually two in one, the first part being the CD and the second part the live performance that I had the pleasure to catch over in Hoboken, NJ. First let’s delve into the CD. Cori’s first album “Ringing In My Head” boast 10 amazing tracks that I have to say, they’re all good, simply Pop/Rock at it’s best! To me the background music, gives an air of Michelle Branch and Avril Lavigne, not that that’s a bad thing, because they both rock hard. But it’s Cori’s voice that basically completes the entire package. Believe me I have heard some tracks from other artist on Myspace who had GREAT music, but the lyrics just come across as UGH!! Sometimes it was vice versa. Here you get both! Cori’s voice meshes so well with the music that in no time you’ll be boppin along to the beats until the very last track. “Gratitude” starts things off, but this should have been the last track, because it is the BEST song on the album, it’s such a fun track, and it screams to be the finishing song. (A Valkor favorite I might add) “Here Again” is my second favorite, only because the sound is similar to “Gratitude” especially during the chorus. I’m not hatin; I would have thought that this would be a cheap way to make a new song, but actually it works great. Lastly “My Ever After”… Beautiful, just beautiful is all I have to say about that. This is the kind of song that you can see being the “last dance” at many proms. I can also name a few moments where this song can come in handy but uhmmmmmm…. Yeah, we will go no further. Ahem!

This brings us now to the negative portion of the review. There really isn’t much bad I can say. However I’m not a fan of song placement. Again “Gratitude” really should have finished off the CD. “Nothing Matters Now” ends too soon, but that doesn’t make the song any less enjoyable. Lastly, there isn’t enough Cori on the album. It’s only 10 tracks and I wanted more when it was over! Hey she could have squeezed in a cover song or two. For instance at the show in Hoboken, she did “Ballroom Blitz”. That would have been killer had it been on the CD! Funny side note: I actually thought this song was from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” but it was actually from “Wayne’s World”. And I should have known that because I had just watched the damn movie. Hehehehe. I know this is being nitpicky but it shouldn’t dissuade anyone from picking up the album if they should come across it. You’d be crazy to pass on it! To close things out for this portion of the review, along with the CD you also get lyrics to each song, as well as a small poster of Cori and let me tell you people it is HOT with a capital HOT!

Ok now onto the live performance. Maxwell’s, located in Hoboken, NJ was the host to a debut CD party from Castle Point Records who put out this album called “Delusions Of Grandeur”, which is a compilation of 6 independents coming together for a smashing performance. And it was at Maxwell’s where the artist came out to perform their music from the CD along with songs on their respective albums. I arrived late for the show, but I only missed one group (Sorry Myopia). However my whole reason for being there in the first place was to watch Cori Yarckin perform. The area for the concert was reasonably small and dim lit and the crowd was pretty sparse at first. But when Cori took to the stage, the room was fully suddenly filled and it was ON! What an amazing performer Cori was. I’m telling you guys it was amazing and I’m totally glad I didn’t miss it. My first impression when I first met her was “wow she is a lot shorter than I thought” and when she started singing I was like “DAMN!!! How can such a powerful voice come from that tiny body?” ^_^

Overall people, I look forward to seeing more from Cori in the future. More music, more live performances and hey I’ll let my perverted side out a little, I want to see MORE Cori!! She is just so damn sexy, it’s not even funny. Cori is such a wonderful singer and a great performer that you’d be crazy to pass on this CD. Out of 5 stars, I give Cori Yarckin’s “Ringing In My Head” a full 5 stars and if you’re reading this, head over to her main page or her Myspace and find out where she’s performing also show her some love and buy her CD, believe me it really is worth it.