• Michael Duff @ CES 2007

Hey folks, Valkor here. When you see the letters CES, especially on this site, you automatically connect them with new gadgets, not musicians. While cruising the CES show floor I was struck dumb by this amazing sound. So I said screw the tech, I gotta know where those beats were a-coming. Freak me man, I can’t believe they were coming from the Belkin booth. Of all places! Nothin against Belkin, they make great products. The Val-laptop uses the Belkin G Wi-Fi card. But there center stage sat three dudes, gearin up for a session to try out one of Belkin’s new 4 channel recording systems, TuneStudio. And at that moment the Val-ears were treated to the smooth sounds of:


No not Homer Simpson’s favorite beer, but Michael Duff, you buffoons. After reading his Myspace page, I see he’s been around the music block, sucks for me because this is the first I’ve heard of him. But it’s never too late to catch onto greatness. At the Belkin booth, Duff was beltin out what will undoubtedly be a hit “Here I Go Again”, from his newest CD “Unbreakable”, recording it live and playing it back on TuneStudio. The technology was awesome, but the music rocked the most. And damn was it catchy! I won’t lie, I was hummin that song for days until I could get home and here it again. Kudos to Belkin on such a great find.

But the best was yet to come when I played “Unbreakable” the title song on the new album; it’s soft, it’s sweet, it will melt the heart of any lady who happens to hear it. I’ll have to cue it up come this Valentine’s Day because this will definitely be THE song I’ll be playin for my lady friend. Hey Mr DJ, you can play that song all night long!

To round out the remaining tunes on the site, “When You Run” and “Daylight” add up to what has to be one sexy CD. Can one man call another man’s voice sexy and still maintain his heterosexuality? Hell’s yea! Duff’s voice is damn sexy and the background tunes compliment the voice like fine wine. “Unbreakable” is available now.