• PerfectView @ E3 2005

Hey folks, Valkor here. And the Krush-man and I would like to welcome you all to the opening of our new section “The Perfect View”. Previously this was called “Hottie of the Moment” but for obvious reasons we needed a serious name change. And I think the new name fits with what we are doing here. It's here that you can lay eyes (And only eyes) on some of the hottest of babes across the globe and since we are post E3, I thought we would start things off with an E3 BANG!! I wish I had a chance to get photos of every booth babe possible, I think what we have here for now will totally satisfy those who love their gaming mixed with hotness. Enjoy.

Comments below, and people with slower modems just be patient there are a few pics to load.

My first stop was the Bethesda Software” booth, where I came across this cute number handing out “Breeders cup” hats. Now I find this an odd item to be handing out at E3 because 80% of the guys there won’t be breeding anytime soon. And if they did, the condom must have broke.

Next up, “Nintendo” shows us that good things really do come in small packages. But size doesn’t matter with it’s new “Gameboy Micro”. But for this hottie you better come well equipped.

Though I’m not a “Brut” man, I think they have fine taste in these fine honeys. Showing off the Nascar Brut car and handing out free samples of the cologne, they should have been inside where the smell of Brut was much needed.

If anyone feels the need to stand at attention, now is the time. If I knew these babes were waiting at the frontline I would answer the “Call of Duty” (part 2), in a heartbeat. Sportin’ gear fit for that era, these two ladies really make you wanna be all that you can be… and then some.

“Tecmo” claimed they had the best lookin’ booth babes, but they didn’t check out the cheeky babes over at “NCSoft” where these dancers were throwin down with the group “The Mutators” equipped with hoops, flames, and a big ol’ super soaker. Sorry ladies I come packin’ my own soaker, and it was a-overflowin’ after your performance.

Hulk Smash!! But Hulk see pretty ladies and now Hulk want to smash in different way. Mmmm… Hulk think pretty ladies can’t handle gigantic Hulk meat. Oh well, Hulk go back to Hulk dogs for pleasure. It’s “Hulk 2” the game people, but who can pay attention to a game when you have these two babes walkin around?

You know what the real “True Crime” is? That someone like her is allowed to walk around, without a Valkor draped around her waist (among other body parts). But that’s ok I don’t mind admiring from afar.

Now this next pic is very “N-Gage”-ing. Nokia has the right moves with a strung out stage equipped with multiple televisions and playable N-gages all around. Plus all the T and A you can stand. This lil lady in particular took a shine to the V-man and to quote Jay from Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back “Dude, I think I just filled the cup.”

Looks like Vegas dun come to E3. And you won’t hear me complain with babes like these walking about. I don’t know what game or software they were representing… and I don’t care.

Now I could make a joke about entering another kind of gate, but I’m not THAT perverted am I? Noooo, of course not. But “Stargate” The game looks hot and these gals look good doing what they do best.

It’s like I stepped out of E3 and walked into… an anime. (But I think she was with Games Taiwan). Super cute and a sexy outfit to boot, this babe has got it going on, symbolizing what it means to be “The Perfect View”. Scroll down and tell me I’m wrong.

Last but certainly not least is “Azuredisc”. Now I know what she’s hiding behind her back, but if I tell you guys, she'll kill me. And quite frankly I’d like to see what’s behind CD #1 – however many she’s wearing. Just don’t catch her out on a bright sunny day or else you’ll be blinded by something more than her beauty.