• E3 2009 Gaming Tech Preview

Hey folks, Valkor here with the last of my E3 report, this round we take a small look at some tech. Specifically from Sony, Tritton, and Nyko. It was cool hangin out with all three companys, playing with their toys and I look forward to going more in-depth with each product in teh coming months. Until then, here's a taste of what I got to experience.

First up is Tritton. I first met with this company at CES 2009 where they were showing off a great product lineup of headphones and in a small office I got to experience the sounds of their soundbar. Well no soundbar this round but I did get the chance to check out some new headphones. Tritton’s newest headset is the AX 720, which was being compared to the AX 400. The AX 720 comes ready with Dolby digital and pro logic, which will give you the surround sound needed to immerse you in your gaming. You get an audio control box that will handle all the decoding plus inline controls to adjust the sound and mic functions when needed. They did a side by side comparison of the 720 to the AX 400, and while the 400 had a better surround sound, the 720 was more intense and clearer; you weren’t just immersed in the game, but you could almost “feel” everything! There’s also the AX 900 which is about the same as the 720, however you can plug your MP3 player to the audio control box, plus you get Dolby’s Virtual Speaker technology. Look for more from Tritton to Grace these TOV pages in the coming months.

Next up we have Nyko and for that I have to step in Epic-1’s shoes for a bit. Folks were lining up to get their hands on Nyko’s Wand (If you know what I mean). Imagine a system called the “Wii” gets a product called the “Wand”. The Wand controller is more about the design and functions. It feels better holding the Wand than the standard Wii controller 9If you know what I mean) because you have bigger buttons, and the overall ergonomic design of the stick. It also comes packed with Trans-Port technology that will allow you to remap the buttons and vibrations. Since I’m not the biggest fan of the Wii, I can’t tell which stick feels better in my hand; Nintendo’s or Nyko (If you know what I mean). Now if you're playing shooters on the Wii, then you might wanna pick up the Action Pak, which includes a Pistol Grip, which you slide your Wand inside and rub out some baddies... if you know what I mean.

Finally Sony announced the PSPGo, the successor to the popular PSP. Hmmm… I don’t know how this will work. The PSP Go is an ultra thin system with a slide out joypad, it’s lighter and smaller than its older brother, but the biggest news is the lack of a UMD slot. All games can be downloaded from the Playstation store. That means you get to play all those PSN games, or PS One downloads. Plus Sony is working on a way users can transport their UMD games over to the PSP Go. It comes with 16 gigs of space, plus you can expand it up to 32 with a memory stick micro. When I look at it, I’m just not feeling it, aesthetically speaking it doesn’t look too playable as the controls seem to close together. I love how the controls are set apart on the original PSP because it almost feels like your holding a controller. Then again the Gameboy has a similar design, in the controls department, so it should be interesting how it plays. Next week (June 23rd) Sony is supposed to be at this holiday event and I hope they bring a working prototype of the PSP Go, to get further hands on with the device.