• EA Hot for the Holiday Event (2009)

Hey folks, Valkor here. Man these past two days (Wed and thurs) were pretty frickin sweet! First up is EA games and then XSEED. And both companies showed off some killer games. But to kick things off, let’s take a look at EA games. Yea I’ve seen some of these games at E3, but you know what? It feels pretty good to be playin em in a more casual environment. Without further ado let’s check out some gameage at EA’s “Hot for the Holidays”

Brutal Legends (PS3, Xbox 360) – This is pretty much the same level that was shown off at E3, and that’s not to say that’s a bad thing. Like I said, we’re in a more relaxed atmosphere, so no pushing or shoving here, just me and the game. But to recap Jack Black plays Rocker Roadie called Eddie Riggs who wakes up in a demonic dimension ruled by “Doviculus”. And it is up to Eddie and companions to take down Doviculus and save humanity. Basically if you’re into metal music, then this is the game for you as. Controls are easy to get into and the commentary provided by Black and others help move the game forward, though things can get a bit too loud and sometimes washes out some of the vocals. Otherwise this looks to be a solid contender for your holiday dollars.

Dead Space Extraction – Based on the game Dead Space, Extraction is the prequel where you play through events that lead up to the events on the Ishimura of the first game. It’s a game exclusively made for the Wii. From the E3 Demo that was shown, the game is played mostly on rails, however there are moments that you get to do a little exploring. Extraction can be played with up to two players blasting it out and you’ll see events, people, items that will tie it to the first game. And because it’s survival horror, expect some scares that the original is now famous for. Look for it this fall, but with this title and a few others… man I gotta get a Wii.

G.I. Joe – Man I think I’ve played enough G.I. Joe to write up a full review. But it’s cool that I get to play it some more of the game, and the full on release is coming up. This time I got to play a stage that pitted me and the rep against Firefly at the end. The game is a co-op/competitive arcade style shoot em up that, to me, really is a lot of fun to play either alone, but especially with a buddy. Finally you can now unlock 4 bosses (one of which is Firefly) and play as them in the game. Could this be a trend of good film license to good games????

Dragon Age: Origins – Last time I saw this game was in February for the PC. Now it’s hittin the consoles. Dragon Age is an interesting single player Action RPG that has your team of four facing off against an enemy known as The Blight. What’s cool is that the game has a branching system based on dialogue. So dependent of what you say, the game can go in many different directions so that the game is never the same each time you play it. The demo on hand was pretty brief, but its enough to show off the graphics and combat system, which will take some getting used to (The system not the graphics). Look for it this fall.

Need for Speed Nitro – You want fast arcade racing, awesome locales, and cool multiplayer? Then look no further than Need for Speed Nitro. This title is exclusively for the Wii (With a pocket version on the DS). You choose a car or customize your own, and then hit the straightaway on to victory. What’s nifty is that you can choose a graphic style and when you’re in the lead, you’ll paint the walls as if to mock those behind you. Yea, talk about leaving your mark. I got the chance to check it out using the Wii steering wheel, which makes the game that much easier to play than using the controller as the game was very responsive to my movements. I also enjoyed the feeling of speed, especially when I kicked in with the nitro boost, it felt like days of old when I used to play Daytona USA by Sega… good times…

There were a host of other games being shown off, but since I spent so much time with the aforementioned titles, I didn’t have the time to check out the others, most notably was Madden 10. But in the end the event was a hit with me, plus the swag bag really capped the night off. So a huge thanx goes out to EA games in letting TOV take part in their holiday event. I look forward to giving these titles some serious play in the future.