Star Wars The Clone Wars: A Galaxy Divided DVD Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. You know I didn’t catch “Clone Wars” in theaters last year. Nothing against it, but I wasn’t drawn to it. It’s Star Wars, I know, and I’m drawn to anything Star Wars and I freaking loved the bajeezus out of Genndy Tartakovsky’s version of the Clone Wars. And with that series, the only thing I wanted was for it to be longer. Well Lucas went back, re-did it, CGI’d it up, and made it into an entire series. Season 1 just finished and while I didn’t catch it much of the series, for those that didn’t catch any, now they can try it out with “Clone Wars: A Galaxy Divided”.

Star Wars The Clone Wars: A Galaxy Divided

A Galaxy Divided is the first four episodes from the CGI series, after the movie; basically giving you a taste until a season one set is released. Again if you’ve never caught any of the series, then this is a sampling of what you can expect. The episodes are as follows.

Ambush – Yoda and a handful of clone troopers are off on a top secret negotiation mission, but are found out by Asajj Ventress and her army of Droid troopers. It is her belief that the droids are better than Jedi and that the planet should join up with the Separatist, which leads to a face off with Yoda and the Clones, versus the Droids.

Star Wars The Clone Wars: A Galaxy Divided

Rising Malevolence, Shadow Malevolence, and Destroy Malevolence is a three parter that first involves Anakin and Ashoka are off to save Jedi Master Plo Koon, who was off in search of the separatist secret weapon, the Malevolence, and ship that shoots a beam that leaves any ship in its wake, inoperable and completely open for destruction.. The second part, Anakin along with Ashoka, Master Plo and the clone army try to intercept The Malevolence before they take out a Republican Medical Station. The third part sees Anakin and Co go after what’s left of the Malevolence, to ensure it stays down.

I will admit that enjoyed these four eps, especially ambush because it’s always fun to watch Yoda kick ass. I can understand why Lucas wants to go full series with the clone wars, as it really expands on what Tartakovsky did, broadening the series. We already know the outcome, so there’s nothing more to do than to watch and enjoy.

Star Wars The Clone Wars: A Galaxy Divided

The Good:

The CGI is top notch and as well as it should as Lucas and Co spent years prepping it, and they didn’t hold back. Everything is sharp with a lot of detail, more so than most CGI kid shows. (Though I think Beast Wars Transformers does a hell of a job for when it was produced.) The voice acting is also top notch and everyone matches their big screen counterpart. Finally, my biggest fear was that the show would pull its punches and hold back on the violence and death. Imagine my surprise when you get to see Clone soldiers sucked into space or injured. This is war people and you get to see the casualties as well as the victors. Also I kinda thought the droids and their jokes would get old, but they’re actually quite funny.

The Bad:

I hate, hate, hate that annoying opening announcer. For a show that has some seriousness to it, you get the opening recap that’s so cartoony, and game-showy. I would prefer one of the characters do the recap, or even better yet C-3PO. Finally that jungle beat remix of John Williams score…. UGH!!!

Star Wars The Clone Wars: A Galaxy Divided

The Ugly:

4 eps only and no extras…

Again if you’ve never experienced the new CGI Clone Wars and have always wanted to but never got the chance to catch it on The Cartoon Network then consider picking up Galaxy Divided DVD. Sure it’s only 4 eps, but really gets you into the series, plus with the eps still airing on the CN it should hold you over until a serious season one box set is released. Out of TOV 5 stars, I’m giving the Star Wars Clone Wars: A Galaxy Divided 3 stars and until next we meet... May the Force be… well you know…

Star Wars The Clone Wars: A Galaxy Divided