• Kingston 3-in-1 MicroSD 16GB Transflash Card w/ Adapters Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. Looking for that perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas, but unsure of what to give? Well if that someone you love packs a lot of mobile equipment (i.e. cellphone, digital camera, etc…), well then that perfect something can be found at Kingston with their 3 in 1 16GB microSD card with adapters, because you can always use more free space right? Plus it's not just for MicroSD users, standard SD card users can make use of this pack as well. Check it out!

Kingston 3-in-1 MicroSD

What doesn't take SD or MicroSD nowadays? So many products we already own have a need for these cards and rather than continuously buying up cards like crazy, with Kingston's 3 in 1 you can get a ton of storage in just a tiny package (or as little storage if that's your ned). Plus it serves multiple functions. For one, and this goes out to mobile phone users who use the MicroSD card anyways, you get an adapter to aid you in transferring pics, images, and music to and from your mobile phone (or mobile device) to your PC and back. I like to mess around with ringtones and wallpapers and I used to have a USB drive for that. Well the 3 in 1 makes the process that much easier. Mobile gamers, and I'm talking to you DS owners, now you'll have tons of space for storage, taking pics and videos. And of course digital camera owners can now get more bang for the buck with this 3 in 1. This particular package has 16GB on a microSD, so you'll have the room to take hundreds of photos and hours of video, all on one MicroSD.

Essentially, anything that uses SD, MicroSD, or even MiniSD (that's the second adapter), is covered by the 3 in 1, which comes in a variety of sizes starting as low as 2GB of storage to as high as 32GB. So whatever you're storage need, Kingston has got your back.

Kingston 3-in-1 MicroSD

The Bang:

I know this might seem like such a small thing, but if someone gave me a 16GB 3 in 1 pack like this as a Christmas present, I would flip. You'll never know when the need arises that you're gonna need something like it. And the situation will come up; say you need that MicroSD adapter for your phone; well now you got it. What's also a plus is that a lot of newer computers, especially netbooks have an SD drive, so with this 3 in 1, all your mobile needs will be covered. Transfer rates are quite exceptional; took me about 1m 25s to transfer a 700plus MB file to the drive, it works great especially if you gotta make some moves. Overall, the 3 in 1 is pretty exceptional.

The Slack:


Kingston 3-in-1 MicroSD

Kingston's 3 in 1 MicroSD with adapters is available most wherever mobile items are sold; I found a 4GB at Amazon for 12.99, but if you search around, I'm sure you'll find good deals. I think their worth it, either for yourself, a friend, whomever, get some today. Out of TOV 5 stars, I'm giving Kingston's 3 in 1 MicroSD with adapters, a perfect 5 and it's been Valkor tested, TOV Approved.