• Korg DS-10 Synthesizer Plus Nintendo DS Review

Now someone is thinking, making a great music tool for everyday on-the-go use. It's a "game" that allows you to compose songs and beats, bringing together the functions of synthesizers, key boards, mixers and drum tracks. Now with all that said I am very new to this side of music, I am usually just listening.

Korg DS-10 Synthesizer Plus

Now at start up on the touch screen you have a choice of Single player/multi-player/Data Exchange and options. In single player mode you pick sessions you want to record into. Before you start I want to cover some universals features, once loaded you will and up/down button on the top right hand corner that swaps the screen with the touch screen one. Your work screen has 2 Synthesizer Keyboards, 2 Kaoss, Drum sequencer, 2 synthesizers, 2 Synthesizers Edit, and on the bottom are the controls for each section.

I have never been musically inclined so this one was a bit tough for me since I am not familiar with synthesizers and drum tracks. I did get the hang of it eventually and I actually learned what patterns, how to change tones and, and almost use a mixer. I was happy when my brothers happen to come by he DJs on the weekends. I was in shock when he grabbed it and literally started making pretty cool beats in a matter of minutes.

Korg DS-10 Synthesizer Plus

Note if you have a DSi you get even more features 4 synthesizer tracks, 8 drums track and 12 sequencer.

The Bang:

This is great if you have some one who is interested in music. If you're on the go and a beats comes to your head you can input it and save it for later. It's an excellent tool.

Korg DS-10 Synthesizer Plus

The Slack:

If you're not musically inclined it will take you some time to figure out. It took me and hour to get something going. I gave it to my brother amateur D.J. and it took him 30 sec. to make a pretty cool beat.

Korg DS-10 Synthesizer Plus

The End:

This is a great gift for a producer, D.J. or if you kid is into beats and song writing. It's a way to create music with a drum machine, two analog synth emulator, and a 6/16-step sequencer; a great way to learn how to create compose, produce and share beats with other people. So if you know some one who wants to learn about beats or wants to be in the biz but is too young or you're interested yourself, this is a great way to start. I give this a TOV 4 out of 5 my brother had a blast with it, I'm still working on it.