• Lexar Echo MX Backup Drive Review

Say hey folks, Valkor here. The folks at Lexar have popped in with another goody, though it might put a dent in your wallet. However after putting the Echo MX Backup Drive under the Val-Cave microscope, I've come to the conclusion that yes you need this driveā€¦ if you're willing to shell out the bucks!

Lexar Echo MX Backup Drive

First, let's take a look at the design, which is simple enough to explain. The Echo MX is a USB flash drive that measures about 2.6". The device extends shut when not in use, and has an indicator light on the outside; letting you know how much storage space you have left. The device was made for backup, so as soon as you plug it in, it's ready to go, with pre-loaded software that will help you sort out just what you need to back up.

However, if you're a Windows 7 user, such as myself, the first thing that will happen when you plug in the device, is Windows will kick in with its own software for backing up. Not bad, but you have to be very, VERY specific, because it'll want to back up just about everything within the folders you choose. However the Echo MX software, the Lexar Echo Backup Manager, makes what was once a chore, now seem a breeze. Why? Not only can you specify the folders but also the data within those folders. So if you only want photos, you can specify photos. If you only want one folder, with one type of file, you can do that too! Finally, if you should ever add new data or update a file within those folders, once you plug in the Echo MX, it will read those files and add/update when necessary.

You can get the Echo MX comes in one of 5 sizes, the lowest being 8GB and the highest at 128GB. We were given the 64GB model to try and with that, we move on into the TOV Breakdown.

Lexar Echo MX Backup Drive

The Bang:

Backing up your data is most important and should be a part of a weekly regiment, which should include virus/spyware scan, system defrag, and other PC maintenance. With the Echo MX, you won't have to worry about scheduling maintenance, just pop the device in, let it do its thing and you're done. I love it! Best of all is the updating of current items. I used the device to backup TOV's data, which is constantly being updated. A week later and the MX not only added all the new stuff, but also updated the previous files that I revised. Finally the Echo MX is easily the most portable backup drive to date, eclipsing that of Seagate's Replica drive; I mean it's a simple flash drive that you can slip in your pocket.

The Slack:

The cost of the highest drive is 400 bucks! That's a hefty chunk of change! So if you wanna save some cash, you might consider going with the Replica, which offers a bigger hard drive at more than half the cost. Also, you'd think for the price, Lexar could have chosen a better casing. Maybe I'm being a bit nitpicky, but it does seem rather flimsy.

Lexar Echo MX Backup Drive

Though the cost is steep, I still believe that Lexar's Echo MX Backup Drive has the stuff to make backing up your data a breeze. Plus having a drive that automatically updates itself when you plug it in? Ya can't beat that with a bat! And out of TOV 5 stars, I give the Lexar Echo MX Backup Drive 4 stars and it's been Valkor tested, TOV Approved!