• Klipsch CES Preview

Hey folks, Valkor here in Sin City aka Las Vegas, where we're about to kick off another year of Techi-goodness straight from the CES floor. For the first time, I actually arrived quite early to get myself settled in and prepare myself for a night of Pepcom goodness.

Actually to start things off TOV had the chance to hang out Klipsch, makers of high end speakers and sound systems. Well today, I tagged along with JayDub of 2D-X and we were treated to some new technology that mixes lights with audio, plus saving you money on your electric bill; introducing "LightSpeaker". First off "LightSpeaker" features LED lights that doesn't burn as hot as standard bulbs and they lost a whole lot longer. Added to that the sound; that's right, the LightSpeaker is a lightbulb speaker that fits into any standard light socket (ceiling, lamp, etc) and along with a wireless transmitter, it can send sound through the speaker that's connected to the light socket. I know, it blew me away too! Not only that but you can attach two audio sources to the transmitter and control light and sound with the added remote. I was a bit perplexed by the technology at first, but watching it in action; I have to say I was blown away. Not just by the technology but the audio it produced, which was to say the least "impressive". The bass wasn't too heavy, but it was a little light on the treble, but the overall sound produced gets two thumbs up. When the product launches, it will come with two LightSpeakers and one wireless transmitter. And you can purchase additional LightSpeakers, up to 8 in total.

Next from Klipsch we have the Stone Speaker, which looks exactly like a rock, but is completely wireless running off a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 6 hours. The Stone Speaker can be placed anywhere indoors or out and produces incredible sound and very rich bass – and that's just from one speaker. NICE! So far things are starting off on the right foot and Klipsch is definitely taking a step in the right direction by introducing this incredible new technology that is the LightSpeaker. When you folks at home finally get the chance to see this in action, I think you'll be just as impressed as I was.