• House of Marley Revolution Headphones Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. And we be jamming here at TOV thanks to the folks from House of Marley, who've given us the chance to check out their latest in audio headphones – the Revolution from their "Jammin Collection". And yes, they not only be stylin, mon, but they also sound great.

Let's start off with the look – the Revolutions are over-the-ear headphones featuring padded ear cups and soft cloth padding for the headband. They also features a fabric cord styled in Rastafarian colors of red, gold, black, and green; fabric cords are my new love and any company who uses them gets mad respect for using it because they don't tangle so easy. The headphones are collapsible and come with a cloth carrying case for easy storage. Finally, the Revolutions are eco-friendly, made from recyclable materials – even the box that it's packed in is made from recycled materials. Respect!

House of Marley Revolution Headphones

When it comes to audio, the Revolution touts clear sound and a strong bass that you can feel – literally! When it comes to bass the strongest pair of headphones I can pit the Revolution against are V-Moda's Vibrato (What? Earbuds vs. headphones? Say it ain't so Val?). Oh yea, it be so!

Vs. V-Moda Vibrato – The Vibrato tears it up when it comes to bass, however, the Revolutions takes the lead with a stronger bass. However, the Vibrato does have a clearer sound, so this is a toss-up - bass or clarity? I'm gonna score this one to V-Moda because it has a better balance of the two, but the Revolution comes at a very close second… very close.

Overall how did the House of Marley fare in its first round in the Val-cave?

The Bang:

When the folks at The House of Marley say their headphones offer up a strong bass, they weren't kidding; turn up the volume on some of your favorite hip-hop and/or club beats and feel the power of Revolution. One of my favorite tracks is Jeremih featuring 50 Cent "Down on Me", which shows off just how powerful these headphones really are. And I'm giving plus points for working well with movies too as the strong bass kills it in heavy actions and car chase scenes. The vocals come out just as clean and clear and aren't distorted by the bass. And as a package, the Revolution headphones work great at both high and low levels. And did I mention I love fabric cords? More companies need to do this!

House of Marley Revolution Headphones

The Slack:

Just one negative and it's that the cups fit too tight around my head, which can be a bit uncomfortable during chill sessions.

Score one for the House of Marley by showing the Val-cave all that it can do and coming out on top with the Revolution Headphones – great sound quality with a strong bass, these headphones are what you need when at home or on the road. And the price is just right with a suggest retail of 90 bucks (but search around for deals). So out of TOV 5 stars, I'm giving The Revolution a 4.5 and it's been Valkor tested, TOV Approved!