• Samsung NV10 10MP Digital Camera Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. The folks at Samsung sent over a new toy for Val-cave testing and what a toy it be. It’s the NV10 10 MP digicam. And it will definitely give most digicams of the same type a run for their money. Plus it has a feature like none other… or at least I haven’t seen it on any other digicam before.

Samsung NV10 10MP

The NV10 has a nice little compact body, definitely small enough to fit comfortably in any pocket, small bag, or pouch without it being too bulky. Yea it doesn’t have a sleek body like Casio’s Exilim, but it’s not a drawback either. In fact I prefer the NV10’s design because it’s easier to hold on to it. No worries about it slippin here.

The interface most important to talk about because it’s all based on touch, much like what you find on most MP3 players. I mean can something like a touch interface work with a digicam? Surprisingly it can, but it will take some getting used to. All you need do is slide your finger horizontal or vertical across a series of buttons to access the camera’s many features and then press. You also use the touch interface to view your pics, careful you don’t slide too fast and you end up sliding past the pic you wanna see. Again it’s gonna take sometime getting used to the touch feature, so give yourself maybe ½ an hour playing with it ya? After that, it’s cake.

Samsung NV10 10MP

As far as features go, the NV10 has a handful. You have your basic auto, manual, red eye reduction, movie mode, etc, plus you have 12 scenic templates to choose from. Think of Casio’s Best Shot mode, but limited. Hint, hint Samsung, less doesn’t always mean more. Also battery life is amazing and it’s great to see how far batteries have come in a digicam. I remember when you couldn’t go an hour before your cam conked out. Now it seems like you can take pics for days before you even lose a bar. I love it!

But it’s 10 megapixel cam right? Pics should be great right? Hells yeah!! I was amazed at just how great pics looked. Attention to detail is flawless, I mean zoom in on a full on 10MP pic and you can see details that’s normally blurred. Colors are sharp, brights are bright and whites are… well white. You will be sure to take some amazing pics. Even compared to the amazing quality of photos that the amazing Fuji F20 takes, the NV10 shines. Take a cander at the pic below taken from Downtown Jersey City (major construction, which should look great when completed). Click the pic for the full image.

The only negative that I give to the NV10 is not the lack of scenic shots (again NV10 has 12, Casio Exilim has 30 and up), what I don’t like is the pop-up, flash. It is my experience that anything that’s spring loaded will eventually lose its springyness. Now it may be the case that you don’t always need flash, but to have it as a pop-up? No… just no.

Overall while features are limited, the touch interface and quality of images make it so that the NV10 10 MP cam, is definitely something to be considered when your out there lookin to invest in a new cam. Samsung’s NV10 retails for about $299 and it’s been Valkor tested, TOV approved.