• Quelf Board Game Review

Now I have played some random board games in the past but this one beats them all, the title alone is unique but what sold me was the Super Ninja Monkey on the box. The game is called Quelf and it can play 3-6 players ages 12 and up; the game is simple it's a race to the last spot on the board. Getting there is the tricky part because you're going to have to use your brain and have some physical talent in order to kick your opponent's butts. It's great if you have adult company, and have had some drinks but, remember this game requires you to pay attention. The board game is colorful, the rule sheet is simple to understand and the game pieces are unique which made it great for me.


What's in the box:

  • 1 Awesome Quelf game board
  • pad of paper and player guide
  • 1 die
  • 1 thirty sec. timer
  • 8 character game pieces
  • 1 Giant invisible harpoon (its invisible for a reason use it wisely)

The Game play:

To start, just place all characters in the start space and also you'll have to roll the die to see who starts first. The 8 game pieces are character cut outs, each character comes with its own personality that can affect the results of the game. It all depends on what cards you pull. The Game pieces: Super ninja monkey - Batbilig Chinzorig - The Dude - Queen Spatula - Mr. Lugnut - Biscuit Farmer – The Platypus - Mrs. Pickle Feather. Now, that you're all at the starting point the first player rolls his die and moves the amount of rolled spaces. He then pulls a card and reads it aloud, unless, he lands on a green (quizzle) space then the player to your right pulls and reads the question card aloud to you. On each card there is a penalty number, the amount of spaces you have to move back if you fail the task or question. A few cards have a timed card written on them; those tasks have to be completed within the allotted time, beginning right after you read the card. I really liked the Classified card that gives you a task that you must do without telling anyone else. At the bottom of every card also comes with a Quelf effect which could be an explanation of how the card works, bonus question or just a silly quote from one of your characters. Once you're at the last square it isn't quite over, you have to answer a scatterbrain and while everyone else gives one answer you get stuck with giving two answers. If you're not the one the card was pulled for that round you get no penalty, you win the game and you begin the greatness gloating parade any living room has ever seen.


The Multiple Card categories:

Show biz(Purple) - if you land on this color you pull a card that will have you sing dance tell jokes or do impressions. It is going to touch on your creative side; I hope you're not shy!

Stuntz (Yellow) - this card will have you do some trick or perform some act that requires a small amount of skill or foolishness.

Scatterbrainz (Red) – Pick a topic if one isn't chosen for you and everyone one must give a valid answer starting with you and working your way left. This one gets really tricky and in our case slightly dirty.

Quizzle (Green) - just as you may think this is the one that has you work your mind on some random question, many of these cards have bonus questions which you can answer to avoid the penalty. Remember this is the one that the person to your right reads.

Roolz (Blue) – is a variety of rules that you must follow to the end of the game or just that play. There are three types of roolz cards Global (all players), Talking and action (self). These don't get discarded until another card says to or you can clear roolz cards by going back to the starting point.

The Bang:

The box describes itself as an unpredictable party game, I thought "we'll see"... and I saw! I laughed my ass off, it was a good game. Everything about it was strange and fun. It's really random and if you're looking for a new type of board game this is it - it's a mental and physical challenge. I always like unique character pieces it makes it worth if for me.


The Slack:

The game does take time to learn and it does get a little too complicated, if you're sober its fine, but after a few drinks some of us got lost since there is so much going on. (Valkor's notes: Can't blame the game for that lol)

The Ugly:

Who ever ends up with Mrs. Picklefeather - that is one ugly pickle.

The End:

Quelf is a pretty fun game to play but make sure you have some time to play, since, it takes about an hour to complete the game. I see why its not for small kids as it requires a lot of thinking, I think me and Super Ninja Monkey have more butt kicking to hand out later on this week. I give this a TOV 3.5 out of 5 for being fun and keeping me on my toes… "Vodka martinis don't impair anything. Wait, what…I have to do…wait, what."