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Hey folks, Valkor here. This next film I'm about to review has two things going against it right from the door - first, it was written, directed, and produced by none other than Uwe Boll. And if we may so recall, his track record in filmmaking isn't lookin too shiny. Second, it's a reflection of our own reality, which may make watching this kinda film, for some, a little tough to swallow. But we can get into both a little later, but for now let's delve into some Rampage as number 29 in Valkor's 30 in 30. Hey we gotta finish it up right?

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Given that Uwe Boll is infamous for making video game tripe, if you see the name Rampage, you might be thinking of giant monsters destroying a city while the military attempts to put a stop to them. Great game, lots of fun, but that's not what we're dealing with here. In the film Rampage, Bill Williamson (Brendan Fletcher) is not having the best of days (or life for that matter). His parents want him out of the house, though they don't just throw him out, they more or less talk his ear off and try to coax him out. He then goes to a coffee shop where the owner doesn't get his order right. He demands the guy remake it or give him back his money, which he remakes it once, but money back? Ha! And that ends with a roll being tossed at him. His boss is ridin him hard making him do more work with no extra money. And finally he gets lunch on his lap from the Chicken Den. But what really puts Bill over the edge is the speakings of his friend Evan (Shaun Sipos); and honestly, who doesn't have a douche friend like this. You know the kind that's all talk – you shouldn't eat meat, the world is too crowded, we gotta save the planet, man. You know that kind of guy. Well Bill isn't all about the talk, he's all about the action. So he suits up, literally head to toe in body armor, and armed to the teeth he gets in his car and goes on a major killing spree.

Rampage 2010 DVD

I won't go any further than this, it's really a must see type film. But if this hits a little close to home, then definitely avoid it. Uwe takes you into the mind of what pushes someone over the edge or reaches their breaking point. And clearly Bill has certainly reached it. Whether it's long before the movie began or was it the coffee shop guy that did it? I don't know, watch the film and make your own assumptions. But is it really worth checking out to begin with?

Rampage 2010 DVD

The Good:

I'd have to say yes, it's totally worth checking out. And for a Uwe Boll film that says a lot. It's pretty straight forward, quick-paced, and when Bill hits the streets, it's on. The best scene, and this isn't much spoiler just damn funny, is when he enters a Bingo parlor and everyone doesn't realize he's there. Even he's like "What the fuck?" He even goes so far as to order a sandwich and sits right in the middle of the crowd, eats it and... not even a second glance. That's hilarious. I thought Brendan Fletcher did an awesome job of acting, well performed clearly he got into the roll. Nerd nod goes to Matt Frewer who plays Bill's Dad. It's just so nice to see Matt whenever possible. And with CGI maturing as it has, dude you should totally look into a new Max Headroom. Just tossin it out there. Oh and that ending? Awesome!

Rampage 2010 DVD

The Bad:

Lynda Boyd. Not complaining about the acting, but I couldn't get passed the Botox lips. Now if that's part of the makeup, I'm with that. If not, then uhhh… Yea… Also there's too much quick editing, just waaaay too much.

Rampage 2010 DVD

The Ugly:


Rampage 2010 DVD

With a film like Rampage, it's good that you go in knowing what to expect because dealing with a guy literally shooting up the town… not good for some (Those Columbine people may have something against it). I'd say as a form of entertainment, the film will hold your attention. And if you accept it for what it is, just a movie, then you'll be in for a real treat. Uwe Boll, you're gonna win back a few of the audiences you lost along the way. Check it out, Rampage gets 4 stars out a TOV 5 and it's been Valkor tested and TOV Approved!

Rampage 2010 DVD

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