Rosewill RCBR-11013 Two-Port Battery Backup Review

Rosewill RCBR-11013 Hey gang, Valkor here. CES 2013 was the place to be for all things new in tech, but it was also a great showcase in battery backup, which is ever more important considering the number of portable items we keep with us on the daily. So far, TOV has checked out the PowerBag and myCharge, both are useful in their own way, but if you need to beef things up, then you might wanna take along Rosewill's RCBR-11013 Two-Port Battery Backup.

Rosewill RCBR-11013

The RCBR, on the outset measures in at 4.72"x2.44"x0.79"; it's pretty thick and a bit heavy. At the top of the RCBR are two USB ports and set in between is a mini-USB port, which is used to charge the battery by plugging it into a PC or laptop. At the face you have five LED indicator lights, which lights up when the device is charging and lets you know just how much juice the battery has left. Finally below the lights is your power button.

You use the battery by plugging whatever device's USB cable into one of the USB ports (or two devices if you feel like it), press the power button, set it and forget it. In about an hour plus (depending on your device and how low on juice it has), you'll be primed and ready. If you don't happen to have your cable at the time, the RCBR comes packaged with a USB cable and ten tips, so you're pretty much covered with whatever device you own, which includes iPhones, iPads, and even the Samsung Galaxy lineup. Finally the device has a special chip installed within, keeping it from overcharging your device.

Rosewill RCBR-11013

Vs. PowerBag – Much like the myCharge, taking the RCBR battery pack, will essentially make any bag a PowerBag. However the RCBR packs more juice than the standard PowerBag battery. BUT The PowerBag wins since its wires are nicely tucked away, leaving nothing to get tangled up.

Vs. myCharge – the RCBR easily wins this round; the highest the myCharge currently runs is 6000 mAh with a price close to 85 bucks! While the RCBR gives you 7800 mAh from the jump at a price of 40 bucks. So with the RCBR, you get more juice at lower the cost to pretty much power all your devices and then some.

The Bang:

I'll admit I'm just getting started when it comes to testing power banks and right now the RCBR is a big hit in my book. For the price you're paying, you're easily getting more than enough juice to keep all your devices running healthy. I've tested the battery pack with the Galaxy S3, the Note 2, and the Playstation Vita; of the three the GS3 drains the fastest and having the RCBR around to not only fill up the GS3, but to also give my other devices a much needed top-up. It's pretty solid, very sturdy and given its size the RCBR easily fits into most messengers and backpacks.

Rosewill RCBR-11013

The Slack:

Sure it's packing a ton of juice, but the RCBR is also a bit heavy, definitely adding a additional weight to your carrier. It's definitely something you don't want to keep in your pocket.

Rosewill RCBR-11013

If you're in the market for a battery backup, then might I suggest giving Rosewill's RCBR-11013 two-port battery back up a shot. The price is right and from what I've seen thus far, you're getting a lot of bang, for your buck. And out of TOV 5 stars, I'm giving Rosewill's RCBR two port battery back up 4.5. And it's been Valkor tested, TOV Approved.


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