• Samsung SSD 830 Series Launch Event

Hey folks, Valkor here. Noticing more event coverage? Yea I'm steppin up my game in that area, finally giving the Events page some much needed shine. And thanks to the folks @ Samsung, I got the chance to travel to the Samsung Experience at Columbus Circle to witness the launch of their latest SSD - The 830 Series. Digispa had the pleasure to crack open their 470 SSD series, which he gave it a 5 stars perfect. Now the 830 falls into the hands of the Val-Man and I'm looking forward to breaking it in. But continuing on with the event, there was drinks, food, games (Need for Speed and Starcraft 2), plus a panel discussion featuring N'Gai Croal explaining the benefits of the SSD drives, especially for gamers.

Darkness is spreadin!!!

Why gamers in particular? Well to top off the festivities, Samsung announced they'll be teaming with Warner Bros and for everyone that buys an 830 SSD, they'll also get a code for the hottest selling title this year - Batman Arkham City! They even brought out the big man, the Caped Crusader himself, to cap things off. And did everyone who attended the event get a code? Oh yea they did and that made the NYC trek totally worth it. The drive is available now in four sizes - 64, 128, 256, 512. And look for my full review coming soon. Until then, feast your eyes on these sweet pics and vids and stay tuned for more events. CES anyone? YEA CES!

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