• Wilson Sleek Universal Cell Phone Signal Booster Review

When I was told, you're getting a cell phone booster I honestly thought, here comes another bronze or copper sticker on the back of my battery. I'm sure we have all had those and have found out they don't work. Then, I finally got the Wilson Sleek Universal Cell Phone booster. It's a full set for a cell phone, with antenna and power supply helping transmit/receiving signal. I was actually very impressed.

Well the first thing I wanted to do is test it out in the furthest corners of the house, with my laptop in hand I went all over and it worked fine but I usually get signal anyway. I had to test it out somewhere that I never get signal, I went to my cousin's house, her town has the worst service for my provider. I never get messages or texts till I leave. I am happy to say that changed, I did a quick set up and left it attached to the desktop using one of the USB cables and received every phone call via Bluetooth for the night. I tested out the signal amplifying by uploading/downloading thing thru my phone while on the road because we've all been places where you phone works and your internet is weak. My carpc responded smoothly to everything I did.

Sleek Cell Phone Booster

What's in the box:

  • 1 Sleek Booster
  • 4" Mini-magnet Antenna
  • 1 Cigarette lighter Adapter
  • 1 Mounting clips
  • 1 Installation guide

The Bang:

It's great if you're on the road. I know a few Long haul drivers and there are lots of places where the signal fades around the country, this would help fill in those gaps. It also leaves all the sides open so you can attach your headset wire and other accessories.

The Slack:

I can understand why it doesn't work for iDEN phones but it would be really nice if this item found a way to cover that side of the phones functions. Let's keep hoping all you walkie talkie users. Now if you're not happy with the antenna that it comes with you can always attach a universal antenna that takes multiple lines to save space. That way it only has one "nub" looking thing sticking out on top of your car. (The antenna works fine, its just ugly.)

Update about the iDEN: We have iDen solutions available but the reason you don't see a booster that supports iDen and all the others is because iDen runs on a different frequency than anyone else -- making it very different from a regular cell signal.

Sleek Cell Phone Booster

I was very satisfied with the results of my test with the Wilson Sleek Universal Cellphone Signal Booster. You can hook it up to your pc, use the blue tooth and get great signal in the house. You can then plug it into your cigarette lighter and continue getting great service on the road. My favorite feature is keeping a good signal while using the internet the Sleek improved my send signal giving me a faster response, because keeping a good signal means better downloading. This should be part of your packing essentials for a long trip or a great gift for that driver in your family. I give The Sleek a TOV 4 out of 5, unfortunately now I have no excuse why I missed my girl's call.