Sunflex SnakeByte Premium Remote XL+ Controller for Wii Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. The gang over at SnakeByte have stopped by the cave once more, gaving us a double shot this month with controllers - and I'm lovin it. In-house we have the XL+ Wii controller and the PS3 Wireless Bluetooth. This round we'll give the XL+ a run for its money. Last month we tested the MiniMote, which I thought was a great controller - very comfortable, very easy to use. However the XL+, brings us back to the standard size, but with an added "plus". Check it out.

Snakebyte XL Wii Remote with Motion Plus

When I first heard about the XL+, I thought it would be something comical, like an oversized Wii controller. Imagine my surprise when I found out that its about the same size as the standard Wii controller. I was a bit disappointed, but that moment soon passed. So what makes this Wii controller "XL+"? Well this baby incorparates Wii Motion Plus technology, which is normally sold separately. The XL+ is more rounded than the standard Wii controller and includes rechargable batteries, a mini usb plug, two safety straps, and "bonus" you get a mini screwdriver so you can add the batteries. I definitely wasn't expecting that. Finally you have two colors to choose from - black or white.

And with that, let's roll into the TOV Breakdown.

Snakebyte XL Wii Remote with Motion Plus

The Bang:

I'll admit, I'm spoiled by the MiniMote because it's just so perfect and it feels so right holding it. Having to let go of it in favor of the XL+ was a tough call. However for testing purposes the XL+ is one bad ass mofo of a controller. Again it's not as big as I had originally thought, which if you knew what I was thinking, you'd have a laugh - seriously, I thought it would be huge. (Man this piece is gettin all kinds of dirty). But it's great that you have Wii Motion Plus without having to buy the unit separately. And it controls so well. I'm not the biggest fan of third party controllers, but i was quite impressed with how well the XL+ handled. Syncing went off without a hitch, and gameplay is on the money! I jumped into some Dead Space Extraction and my attacks went off without a hitch. And if your used to the MiniMote, like me, then you'll find the similar button lay out quite refreshing. Other than that, it's a Wii controller with added plus that works great.

The Slack:


Snakebyte XL Wii Remote with Motion Plus

Snakebyte XL Wii Remote with Motion Plus

Sunflex SnakeByte XL+ Wii Mote is another winner in my book and a great controller added to the SnakeByte lineup. I'm not gonna subtract points because I didn't get the comical, super large controller that I had imagined. However out of TOV 5 stars, I'm giving the Sunflex SnakeByte XL+ 4.5, and I'm only giving it .5 less because I think the MiniMote is better. WIth that said and done, the XL+ has been Valkor tested, TOV Approved.


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