• SRS HDMI Volume Leveling Adapter Review

SRS releases the new MyVolume HDMI Volume leveling Adapter (DCT-8S), a compact HDMi adapter that levels out spikes and dips from incoming broadcast, cable and Satellite signal. This is perfect if your TV doesn't have True sound built in, which is most of the early Flat screens and surprisingly quite a few current ones too.

The DCT-8S is very easy to attach, it has a 2CH HDMI input (PCM 32K/44k/48k) and 1 HDMI out put. It comfortably fits between your Blu Ray/DVD/PS3 and TV/Receiver. It's a Sleek black box with dimensions of 100mm(3.9") X 70mm(2.7") X 20mm(.78") and very light weight. It has a Power cable that runs it at 5V/1A DC and consumes about 3W. On the side is an on/off switch so you can tell the difference of the sound quality you're getting.

What's in the Box:

  • HDMI MyVolume DCT-8S
  • 5V DC Power Adapter
  • 1 HDMI Cable 1.8m
  • Operation Manual

The Bang:

It does exactly what it promises; the SRS HDMI Volume Leveler delivers a perfect balance of sound no matter the channel or commercial. No more spikes or dips, which is important to me when I'm up late night watching. No matter how high I turned up it maintained the sound quality. Think of it as a bridge bringing you today's technology to an old TV. It's a great accessory for all of us who have an HDMI TV w/o True Sound because In the near future, there is wind that True sound will be mandatory on all new TV sets.

The Slack:

I don't see any issues unless you have a lot of HDMI input or plan to have them farther than 15m(49') on the input side and 10m(33') on the output side.

As always SRS delivers with MyVolume, bringing those wacky commercials and different audio standards under control. It doesn't need any real installation or drivers, just Plug and play. It will automatically start working and its one less thing you have to mess with. I have replaced my old SRS (RCA) and replaced it with the new MyVolume (HDMI) and love it. I get continued quality with a 1080p touch. The SRS MyVolume Advanced Vol. Leveling Adapter got a TOV 5 out of 5 for will help me continue my late night TV watching.