• TOV @ The NY Screen of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse Film

Hey folks, Valkor here. Last night over at the Paley Center for Media, myself and several others - Press and attendess alike, were given the distinct honor of not only checking out Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, DC Entertainment's latest animation foray, on the big screen, but we also had the pleasure of watching it with none other than voice actor extroidinaire, he who makes animated Batman so much fun to watch - Kevin Conroy. By his side was Andrea Roman, the casting director who also has a long, long list of animated series and films to her namesake such as Animaniacs, Pound Puppies, Avatar: The Last Air Bender and many, many other famous cartoons. (You can find more info right [HERE]).

The evening started out great with a Q and A session with Andrea and Kevin and photo-op, which of course moved on to the film, followed by another Q and A hosted by Gary M. of Warner Home Video. The Q and A panel, after the film, brought to light some interesting details behind what goes on with voice acting such as Kevin and Mark Hamill's first day doing an ADR session for Batman: The Animated Series (basically voice clean up), Kevin telling us a great post 9/11 story about the inspiration of his Batman character, his days in Juliard school, and just so much more.

My thoughts on the film? here's a quick blerb from my review, which you can check out right [HERE]:

It's a near perfect translation of the popular graphic novel. And I mean just about everything was kept in, with hardly sacrificing much, keep the story intact. I've read the graphic novel, front to back, and I've always enjoyed the hell out of it. But to watch the comic brought to life in animated form is truly a sight to behold.

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And though it wasn't discussed or shown, here's the trailer for the next film in the DC Entertainment Animation lineup - All-Star Superman. (personally I'm more excited about Batman: Year One!!)

I wanna thank Warner Home, UGO, and the Paley Center for putting on a wonderful presentation. Don't forget the film is officially released on Sept. 28th, however, as we learned this evening, some stores are selling it today. If you can get your hands on it sooner, great! If not, don't worry, you'll be able to get the film in multiple formats such as a single DVD, Blu Ray Combo Pack, or two disc DVD set.