• TechGear @ CES 2008

Hey folks, Valkor here with a CES TechGear triple dose. I gotta say I am a laptop bag nut. I don’t know how many I have in the Val-cave, but like a woman with a closet full of shoes, I’ve got a bag for every day of the week. Well maybe not that extreme but I’m getting close. And with companies like these my cup will runneth over.


CaseLogic has an excellent selection of TechGear accessories, namely the reversible laptop sleeves are one to check out; especially if you wanna change it up now and then. Sizes start at 13” and go up to 17” so no matter the laptop, CaseLogic has a sleeve for you. The Messenger bags are chic plus with the canvas bag you can get a “tattoo design” should it tickle your fancy. The TK backpack and travel luggage are quite light, so no more blaming the bag when you’re overweight at the airport. All bags come with enough compartments to store your every need, and pockets are what it’s all about. Caselogic also has a variety of cases and pouches for your camera and your MP3 player (Yes they have IPod specific cases for you IPod freaks out there). Not just cases but also MP3 armbands, which are a personal fav around the Val-Cave. There’s tons more and you’ll find it all at the CaseLogic website by clicking the logo and don’t forget to tell em Valkor sent ya.


It was a pleasure hanging out with the folks at Targus, over at the Hilton. The setup was simple but nicely deck out, so that your eyes instantly hit the bags as soon as you walk in the room. And to top things off they had a pasta lunch which was quite delicious. But after stuffing my face we got down to business. Since we’re now breaking into TechGear I thought it would be best to cover some of their products. The Velos is a great messenger bag with all the pockets you need. Plus it has an interchangeable strap, so instead of dealing with one color strap, you get two to play with. The Grove model is more of an eco-friendly model. It looks great, it’s quite light and feels very comfortable, and again all the pockets you’ll ever need. And isn’t that what this is all about, pockets? Makes me wish I had brought my laptop to try them on for size. We look forward to seeing more from Targus in the future. One final note, Targus was supposed to have had a speaker bag on display, but it was absent at the moment so keep checking back with us for more on this unique item of Valkor interest. Let the logo lead you to the promise land of versatile TechGear.


So I’m hangin out with JayDub on the final day of CES and we’re basically perusing the show floor, not really focusing on anything in particular just checking out shit we missed, when we step into this booth area deck out with bags. Now mind you I’m a bag nut so I had to make a stop. Enter Golla and their amazing designed bags, most of which are a little bit feminine for my taste, but they did have some masculine canvas bags, but overall not bad at all. (The Meteo 15.4 looks Val-suitable). Big plus points on the laptop sleeve which is a bag in and of itself because it has a side pouch for storing documents and such, plus a handle. So it’s kinda like a soft briefcase. Second item we received was a camera pouch pouch, which is soft, hooks right to your hip (with a belt hook), plus it's easy to retrieve your digicam especially in most of great hilarity. But let’s not end the fun there, they also have pouches for your MP3 player as well, which hooks to your belt loop. The casings are soft with their patent designs. Similar to the MP3 pouch there’s also pouches for your mobile phones, and even backpacks. These guys are from Finland and hey if I have to make the trek out there, just so I can catch a glimpse at more of there wares, then damnit I will because if the women of Golla are any indication to what’s in store when I get there, then I am in for a world of happiness.