• TechGear @ CES 2009

Hey folks, Valkor here. 2008 kicked off TechGear and I’m thinking when the new site kicks in, there will be a separate section just for it. Because in 2009 we bring back two old and one new for CES TechGear 2009.

All scores are preliminary and will either increase or decrease depending if and when we get product in for a full review.

Speck (2 stars)

Ok I’m gonna use a word most guys should ever use (unless they’re with their lady): I thought Speck’s TechGear was really “Cute”. Seriously that’s the only way I can describe it, I mean they even have IPhone cases they call “CandyShell” with candy names like “Lemondrop Liquorice”. But their Corepcak messenger bags look great, if it’s just the black, but the “Coffeehouse Brown”? Pass. We’re gonna follow up with the Speck people (damnit even the name of the company is cute). And see if their gear can survive the Val-test.

CaseLogic (3 stars)

CaseLogic will be the first TechGear review of 2009. But to give you a sneak peek, this year, it’s all about TSA security friendly bags. And these bags will blow your mind. If you haven’t purchased one already, then I would put CaseLogic at the top of the list because they have bags with this feature called “Grab and Go” which, simply put, is a strap that once your bag passes through the X-Ray, you simply pick it up without having to zip it up. It’s perfect if you’re running late and you wanna shave some seconds getting to your gate. The two that are in the Val-Cave are the 16” full security friendly, and the 16” security friendly, both are light weight, both feature “Grab and Go”, and both look very professional. Leave us not forget they have backpacks and carry on cases, and also full size luggage. Stay tuned full CaseLogic review is on the way.

Targus (2.5 stars)

The only reason I knocked Targus back ½ a point is because CaseLogic has that nifty Grab n Go. But Targus is no slouch, their Grove bag is a definite plus in my book. Targus showed also showed off some nifty TSA security friendly bags called “Zip Thru” laptop bags and backpacks. Design wise, they look great, are lightweight and very versatile. Also some great backpacks were on hand with some serious storage space. Pockets people… pockets. Finally Targus was showin some serious Mac accessories: Bluetooth and wireless mouse, laptop cooling pad, USB hub and Bluetooth presenter. No one in TOV owns a MAC, however I was told the items will work on PC as well. Look for more from Targus in the very near future. ve can’t handle. Until next time peoples…