• Casio TRYX 12.1 MP Digital Camera NYC Preview

Hey folks, Valkor here. And I wanted to give thanks to the folks at Casio for putting together a sweet gathering all for their latest baby - the Tryx 12.1 MP Digicam. Hosted at the Best Buy flagship store in NYC; not only were there enough units to get some play time, but there eats, drinks, and Nicki Minaj look-a-likes (for a special look alike contest). TOV's Digispa was also on hand, sticking around for the concert that took place after the press event. And lest I forget, I wanna give a shout out to The Phoblographer EIC Chris Gampat, for settin up Eva (My Nikon D3100) so that I could take these sweet ass pics. (Though I will admit he took the first few).

But more on the TRYX Camera; With digital camera's, I think that the companies have reached a peak as far as megapixels are concerned, and other features included with the camera. Anything else is just a gimmick to sell units. But with the Casio TRYX, I find that yes they have given their camera a cool gimmick, but one that serves a greater purpose. The TRYX camera has an internal swivel apparatus that will allow you to swivel, tilt, and twist the camera for different types of shots. One fun feature is that you can hang it up and twist it so you no longer have to hold the camera to take a pic of yourself or with someone; even better, that apparatus acts as its own tripod.

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Other interesting features: HDR, which makes your photos look like a painting (as seen in the image below), a 3" LCD touch screen, touch shutter, slide panaroma. And more. But we won't get heavy into the details. For that, you'll have to wait for our full review. Until then check out some sweet pics of the event and of the TRYX camera. Should be fun stuff when it comes out.

Of course it would be an event if Valkor didn't snag some PerfectView pics. Enjoy!