• Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction Preview

Welcome once more to my friends to the wonderful world of TOV. I'm you're host, Valkor and I shall be your guide on this journey into the world of Ben Ten Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction, which is being put out by D3 Publishing. When Ben Ten first aired, I was instantly hooked on the show. Ben, with the help of his Omnitrix, could change into all these weird, but interesting creatures. Plus it had a nice goofy take as Ben was sorta like Peter Parker, crackin jokes while whippin the asses of bad guys. Since then the show has grown darker, introducing more and more alien creatures that Ben could change into; the latest being Ultimate Alien. I haven't seen it yet, so I won't comment on it. But what I can do delve more into the game. With the D3 preview, we took a very brief look at some gameplay, which I thought was ok however the controls could use some polish. But what's most important is the transformations. In Cosmic Destruction Ben will change into 15 different creatures, and here we'll get a complete look at the line-up, updating when needed. Some are models and others you'll see some in game shots, but they all look hot.

Ben Ten Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction

Taken from the D3 Publishing Article Ben Ten Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction – Based on the popular Cartoon Network show of the same name, Ultimate Alien puts you in the hot seat of an older Ben Tennysen, who is equipped with the new Ultimatrix, he must trek the globe in search of ancient artifacts. And with the new Ultimatrix, Ben gets to choose from 15 different species. Not bad, but how does it play? It's a little wonky actually. It's have no impact and movements need to be tightened up a bit. Changing from different species is no problem, but you need to figure out which alien will work best for whatever situation Ben just happens to be in. That's actually part of the fun, because it's a bit of trial and error. But once the controls are fixed, I think this game could be a winner.

Ben Ten Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction

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