• TOV @ CES Unveiled 2006

Hey folks, Valkor here. On Nov 8th TOV converged onto the NYC area to partake in a most monumental event that rocks our world every time we attend. Actually this is the second time we had the pleasure of taking part in Pre-CES which this year was called CES unveiled. With more vendors to check out, a nice reception and a chance to bump heads with other media venues, The Pavillion was truly the place to be. While the show itself was nice, TOV was in it for the gadgets. This will also give you a peek just how we handle CES show, this year it’s no exception.

Com One

The folks at Com One were showing of their latest in wifi technology: The Phoenix IP radio. This is the answer to those not interested in the Sirius and XM satellite radios, and gives you a nice internet option. You connect via wifi through your home or if your away and there is a hotspot to a host of internet radio stations. Once you turn it on it will connect to a server and you just sit back and enjoy. The Phoenix Ip also comes with a host of other features and we hope to give you a more in-depth of this truly interesting product in the near future.


I can never go to a CES without stopping at Panasonic’s area and I was surprised to see them at Unveiled. Initially the guy who was showing off the PT-AE1000U HI-def projector didn’t really seem all that happy to be there. Either that or he had reached his peak answering questions. Either way I was impressed with what this projector could do, and it does a full 1080P which means you get a damn good picture. Also on hand from Panasonic was their line of “Toughbooks” and Bluray players. Look for more on Panasonic coverage in our CES 2007 coverage.


The folks at Audiovox seemed happier to see us than Panasonic. They were showing off an interesting line of d├ęcor speakers. We’re talking speakers that are suited to meld into your home rather than just stand out. They were placed in clocks, lamps, and even a chest. All made to help your home look…. Well like a home! Also I gotta point out the XM mini tuner. The Mini tuner allowed you to take your satellite radio subscription almost anywhere you go. Either in your car, home dock, or portable mp3 player type device. This way you stick with one subscription and don’t pay any additional cost.


Since CES 2005 we’ve always given Casio some kind of coverage. And this year we actually got the chance to sample some product. So it’s a must that we stop by heir booth and show them some love. On hand were a host of digital cams, one that we just recently reviewed (The Z1000). By 2007 we hope to expand on that coverage with not just cameras but a host of other items that Casio has to offer.


Another vendor whose product we recently reviewed. (Check out the X540 review here). Logitech was on hand showing off some really hot products. Most notably was the Dinovo Edge keyboard with its sleek design, bluetooth technology and soft touch keys. Also we have to give props to the Harmony 1000 universal remote. Everything is done with a touch screen and you can control virtually any device. Look for more on this in the near future.


Funny name, but damn good product, Ojo was on hand showing off the latest in Video phones, which use not only Voip but also a standard line as well. The design is sleek and futuristic, the screen is large and has a great picture and the frame rate is spot on. Video phones are soon to be the wave of the future and the future is now. Look for more Ojo coverage from CES 2007.


Another unexpected big name showed up at unveiled and also a recent Valkor review. Samsung was on hand showing off their latest in digicam and cell phones. I personally loved the NV digicam line up and hope to do a review or two in the future. Definitely watch the TOV pages for more on Samsung and their CES 07 offerings.


Another name we never pass by when we attend CES and unveiled was no exception. Philips, responsive and open as always, really were best at unveiled. I was equally impressed with their speakers with the ambi-light technology, which is basically light that changes to what is happening on screen. I hope to have one of these bad boys in the Val-cave for testing soon, so stay tuned.


Another surprise showing and victim to a Valkor review. But don’t worry Power DVD 7 passed with flying colors. A rare perfcet score! Cyberlink was also showing off product Magic sport, which is like an enhanced DVR for sports enthusiast. Right now it only works with baseball but will expand to other sporting events in the future. For now read the Power DVD 7 review and look for more coverage from Cyberlink in our CES 07 coverage.

And that about wraps up unveiled 06. I wish I had the chance to visit more vendors, but I’ll make up for it at CES 2007. As always a great time was had and I look forward to an even greater time come next year. If you happen to run into Krush or myself, Valkor don’t forget to say hey, we promise we don’t bite… unless your product sucks.