• TOV @ CES Unveiled 2007

Hey folks, Valkor here with a look inside CES Unveiled held once again this year at the Metropolitan over in NYC. It’s about the same as the prior years and is only a sneak peek at the really big show in 2008. This year there were not as many big names as last year. But the names that were present were no slouches and quality products were on display. So for your CES sneak peek, I give you the following small sampling on hand.



The last two products I reviewed for CyberLink received perfect scores and their follow up software looks to get the same, maybe after some tweaking to the Val-Cave’s computer that is. CyberLink Live is home server software that will allow you to access all sorts of files from anywhere you are. Their rep demonstrated by first showing off live TV from Taiwan, which was pretty smooth with little lag. You can also share documents music, videos and more. What I like best is the security feature which allows you to use your webcam as a security cam, so when you’re away and someone enters your domicile (Such as the Val-Cave), CL Live will kick in and record their movements. I’m going away in a couple of weeks and this will be the perfect time to try it out. Excelsior!!



Always a cool place to stop, the folks at Samsung didn’t have much to show, but the one tasty nugget that really peaked my interest was the Samsung I85 8MP digicam PMP. Now this is a gimmick I’ve not seen before and if it’s already been done I apologize in advance. Right now I know it comes in a variety of colors and plays multiple formats. And nice this bad boy is coming to the Val-Cave soon, look for my full review. Capice? Also on hand was the BlackJack, which was on display at the Holiday show in July and other Samsung phones such as the recent Juke phone. Not a bad line-up and again look for that review ya?



Even though they were separate booths, the two names go together as one makes the technology, FreeSpace (HillCrest) and one is the name (Logitech), this showstopper is called the MX Air mouse. Not only can you use it as a typical desk mouse, but for those of us who use our big screen LCD’s as our computer monitor as well, this is an amazing piece of technology. It’s quite comfortable to hold and easy to get used to. Though not being pushed for gaming, we’ll see how it pans out anyway. That’s what the Val-cave is all about. Look for a full review of the MX Air very soon.



Lightscribe? BAH!! The folks at Dymo will show you just who’s in charge when it comes to CD labeling, with the Dymo Disc Painter. So after you’re done creating your CDs or DVDs you can paint funky, high quality labels for it by inserting the CD into the device and let her spin. Looks easy and comes out looking fantastic. Look for more in the future, promise.



While not much on hand, RCA did have on display their handycam called the “Small Wonder” camcorder. With one of these on hand you’ll be ready to capture the funniest, craziest, exciting moments. Or in Alacran’s case, those private moments, which in his case should be kept private… just joshin ya buddy. We’re gonna try one of these guys out and get back to ya asap.



Ahhhh Philips and your ever elusive to the Val-Cave GoGear. Why must you evade the Cave huh? Don’t be afraid, we won’t hurt it. I promises we’s takes good cares of the precious. We swears. Heh. Their latest Gogear was on hand as well as a Photo frame alarm clock and USB jewelry. We’ll go more in depth when we arrive in Vegas for the big show but for now Philips, brings the precious to us.

With good food, good music, and a few chuckles, CES Unveiled 07 went off without a hitch and leaves me wanting it to be January already so I can attend the Big Show, CES 2008. Look for some serious in-depth coverage as we’ll quite possible have three men on the scene giving you the best CES has to offer.