• Urban Myth Board Game Review

So my friends cousin's brother told me about this game called Urban Myth and said it was a lot of fun. Well today you get the truth straight from Alacran. I met the ladies over at Imagination booth during Toy Fair 2010 and they introduced me to Urban Myth - a multiplayer board game that grabbed my attention. It's a trivia game based on urban legends we've all heard of and or familiar with such as the alligator in the NYC sewer or Al Capone was the 1st American to make 100M a year.

What's in the box:

  • 1 Board
  • 6 voting cards
  • 6 colored plastic game pieces
  • 500 Cards

To play this game each player is going need a True/Myth Voting Card and a game token placed in the center of the board. The board is divided into 4 city block with a starting point in the middle. The game rules want you to start the game with the youngest person and go left from there. In our house we flip a coin for who goes first and go clockwise from there, and of course the winner of that round starts the next game. The Reader picks one card from the deck (remember to shuffle the cards) and announces the category then only reads the statement. Everyone else puts the voting card on the table with the response side of your choice facing up. The trick to all this is you have to keep your response secret from the other players, so, we just put our hands on top of the cards till it was time to show. The Reader makes everyone show their cards and reads the answer along with the fact. The players who get a correct answer can move to one spot into any of the four city blocks (clockwise) or if no one gets a correct answer, the reader can keep the card if his token is in that category square and he gets to move the amount of spaces for each player playing.

Urban Myth

The player to the left repeats the process as the reader and continues till the games ends. Now, in order to win you have spell out M-Y-T-H or T-R-U-E which may seem easy but it all comes down to paying attention to where you game piece is and what category is being read on the card. If they match and you get the correct answer you not only get to move ahead one piece you get the card with that letter on it. If you happen to be on one of the Wild Squares you can win the card no matter the category as long as you get the answer right. But you only get one chance, win or lose, you have to leave the wild square before the next card is drawn. It actually goes by very quickly so you can get quite a few rounds in and with 500 cards it makes the game really interesting.

The 500 Cards are split in to six categories: Celebrity, Health, Crime, Classics, Nature, Business

The Bang:

It's really quite interesting to find out that fact is usually stranger than fiction. The game also has a way of evening out the playing field; we all have that friend who knows all the random facts, well, the way this is set up, even an average player can win as long as he has a little luck.

The Slack:

Make sure you clear tape the seams on any game board that has open folds any bad moves during prep or stow and the boards a goner. Yes it has happened to me before.

The Ugly:

The guy on the box!

Urban Myth

The End:

If you like trivia games then Urban Myth is right for you. You'll be surprised about what you think you know to be truth and what just plain is the truth. We laughed a few times at how often we all got the answers wrong. I also like reading about Urban Legends, so this really is a lot of fun for me. Urban Myth is definitely going to be added to the rotation for game night. I give this a TOV 5 out of 5 for my friend's cousin's brother was actually right.