• vReveal Video Enhancement Software Review

I'm an amateur filmmaker and one thing about being an amateur filmmaker is looking for the best software to edit my videos and movies. I came across a program that is called VReveal, which is a video editing program that claims that it can fix the quality of videos by brightening the picture and prevent shaking. My nephew and I tried it and to be quite frank it really didn't do what it intended to do. In fact it made the videos look a bit worse than before.

One of the many features it has is the Gallery; VReveal will scan your hard drive for any and all media files you have stored and display it on the main gallery. It will list the folders that the media is stored in alphabetical order, so you can easily find the movie you need to edit. This feature I like because I can just find the video I want to enhance. Once you find the video you want to edit, this is where the Enhance feature comes in. This feature has 5 settings: Stabilize, Clean, 2x Resolution, Brighten and Sharpen. Stabilize tries to steady shaky videos caused by a nervous filming hand. It tries to keep the picture steady, but it seems it only works when there is little movement with the camera not when it's really shaking. Clean is said to get rid of pixilation, video noise and graininess. This feature I used because when I played back some of my videos they looked grainy. I tried to use it to clean up but it really didn't make any of a difference. 2x Resolution improves the detail of low-resolution videos. This one I didn't get a chance to use so I can't really get much into detail about it. Brighten of course makes any dark videos you have a bit brighter. This settings does lives up to it name - to an extent. I had a few dark videos and tried as much to brighten them all up. They did look better but not that much of an improvement. The final setting is Sharpen, which makes blurry pictures seem clear. This setting works to an extent and I have used this feature many times because I have seen that my videos are blurry and used it much to my ability.

With all the settings VReveal has there is one thing that does gripe me; once you apply all the enhancements on the video and try to preview it, the video slows down. In fact it even tells you that the preview will be in a slower pace. No kidding! It actually tells you that the video will slow down when you push play to review it. After you're "happy" with your enhancement the final feature is Share & Save. This feature not only saves all the changes you made but it also lets you share your new video out into the World Wide Web; so you can immediately post your newly enhanced video on places like YouTube, MySpace and Facebook.

All I can say about VReveal is that it really didn't impress me at all, and I get impressed easily. The videos sometimes come out worse than they originally are. I hate to say it but if you are an avid amateur filmmaker like I am I really wouldn't recommend this product to be used. Out of TOV 5 stars I give vReveal video enhancement software 2 stars.