• TOV @ WonderCon 2007 Day 2

Hey folks, Valkor here at day two of the Wonder Con, which is putting Day one to shame. But that was to be expected because it is a Saturday and everyone who didn't or couldn't come on Friday would definitely be here today. Not only did we get the chance to meet some great people, but I also have a nice surprise at the end of this report.

To start things off, we stopped off at Monsters of Shock 2 where a panel of late nite tv host were discussing the days of cheesy horror films and the role they played. It was insightful, but the one person everyone wanted to meet most was Cassandra "Elvira" Petersen. And I don't care what anyone says, I'd do all kinds of things to her, even at her age. Also on hand was the daughter of Boris Karloff, Sara Karloff. Mostly she talked about the days with her dad and showed off old home movies of him. It was kinda touching and hey I enjoyed it. The man was freakin Frankenstein's Monster!! It ended with a Q and A. Funny end to that tale, I had my hand up for the final question and Sara Karloff points at me and says "I think That woman has a question." LOL. NICE! (Damn these dreads!!!). Don't worry miss karloff all is forgiven, it's happened before and it will happen again.

The capper of the day was getting the chance to meet Ernie "Warden Glen, Winston Zedmore" Hudson. I am a true fan of Mr. Hudson; If there is a film and he's in it, I'll watch it. Much like I'll watch anything with Sam Jackson or Kevin Spacey. Yea they take on some disgusting roles sometimes, but they always bring their A game to the table. Jay and I didn't pressure him to talk too much about Ghostbusters (I'm sure he will get enough of that with the other geeks in the crowd) but we did learn that he's ready to do a Ghostbusters 3 should they ever get around to it. Hey if Peter Laird can bring back the Turtles, Dan Ackroyd can bring us back Slimer and The Real Ghostbusters. Fuck you Virgil, you out of shape, washed up mook! Ernie Hudson shows us the way to treat the real fans.

Moving on, we headed on over to check out the TMNT/300 conference. Kevin Munroe was on hand for TMNT. Shame that he couldn't bring Ziyi Zhang with him, damn I would have fought for a front row seat if that were the case. But basically he discussed the film, showed off a new trailer which gave us more insight into this new CG TMNT world, and then answered some questions. The trailer was awesome and I can't wait for March 23rd to watch the green machines back on the big screen. But in the Q & A, Kevin didn't reveal anything new, I was hoping for a spoiler or maybe some insight to a possible sequel. The 300 seminar was freakin wild. Not only was the placed packed, but the girls and some of the guys went wild for Gerard Butler. But before I go on, I wanna say that the guys there while they sounded like dudes, should have asked Gerard if they could suck his left and right nuts. Come on, right next to him was an amazing hot woman, Lina Heady, and you bunch of sad sacks talk Gerard's ears off. Did she make you nervous? Huh? Did a WOMAN frighten you? Damn you's guys, damn you's all to hell!! Moving on… Gerard fielded everything tossed at him, with a great sense of humor. Especially when he was messin with his cowlick. Zack Snyder also fielded some questions and then introduced the 300 clip, which was fucking awesome. Just watching that small clip made me salivate to see more. I gotta see more 300!!! Damnit!! Breath Val, breath… soon you can feast your eyes on all that battle action… Oh ya, chalk this one up to "there's one in every crowd" There was one guy who asked Zack how 300 compared to the war in iraq and what was the meaning behind the "Christ pose" Leonidas does. That question was met with a large boo!! Dude don't bring that shit to a comic con, it's a freakin movie. Save that talk for your blow up doll, you loser!

AAhhhhh now we get to the real treat. Thanks to the skillful hands of Walt Davis, artist extraordinaire, I introduce to you guys, a look at Valkor as "Batman". This guy does an amazing job. Amazing!! If you ever go to a comic con and you see Walt, get him to draw you up a sketch. Either of you on a superhero body, or something original maybe, he will nail it.

Finally we ended the day at the Masquerade ball, which was a showing off of cosplay outfits. Some were really good and others well… go back to the drawing board. Sorry I didn't stay to see who won because things were getting way too cheesy. Lobo, who was on the Monsters of Shock 2 panel, was a guest host, and literally he dragged things on with these silly games. Hey I'm all for entertaining the masses but a dancing Zombie vs. a belly dancer? (FYI everyone cheered the Zombie. Eh the belly dancer and too much shake with her fries if you know what I mean.)

I gotta give it up for day two. Yea I kinda expected more, but hey I'm not complaining. I also don't expect much from day 3, Mostly I'll pick up a comic or two, shake hands with more actors and who knows what else. I will say this, along with this report expect to see some great costumes that were worn at the show. Yea I'll be in some of them, but enjoy them anyway ya?