• Creative XMod Review

Hey folks Valkor here; still swooning from a week at CES 2007. You guys know the aftermath drill: One week of show and another month just talking about it till we’re all sick in the eyes. But screw all that, it’s CES 2007 baby and if you ever get the chance to go, you will know why and how I get this way. I did a quick bit on Creative in my 2007 report and what they had goin on. Today’s review will revolve around their latest gizmo that will bring listening to your portable music to a whole new level. Now why does that sound familiar?

Creative’s XMOD is a simple, little device. At first glance it kinda looks like an IPOD. But its one piece with a giant knob that you simply plug USB-wise to the back of your laptop or PC. Switch it on, cue up your favorite music and presto! What it does is brings your MP3’s back to life with stunning clarity. The XMOD incorporates 2 technologies that I already have on my X-FI card which are: 24 bit Crystalizer, which brings out the detail and the CMSS-3D that brings your stereo tunes to surround sound. And it doesn’t just work with MP3s, why not CDs? Hells yea! Want bring some quality in your DIVX films? XMOD improves that too. But wait, there’s more! DVDs sound amazingly… amazing with XMOD enhancement going on. Oh but we can take it up another notch right? Plug the XMOD into your favorite 2.1 speakers and watch them really thump. Lastly and certainly not leastly, your portable media player can also benefit from the XMOD by plugging it into the XMOD directly and then into some speakers. Can you say “Versatile”? Yes I believe you can.

Creative Xmod

I’d be hard pressed to find anything wrong with the XMOD. It’s such a simple device with an amazing extent of use that you can use for practically any type of audio device. Also included with the XMOD is a pair of ear buds, a USB cable, and a carry bag. Retail is 70 bucks and available right now. Perfection is all I can say about the XMOD and it’s been Valkor tested, TOV approved!