• Casio Exilim Zoom Z-1000 10.1 MP Digital Camera Review

Hey folks Valkor here. I remember the days when just having a 3.2 mega-pixel camera was the standard when it came to owning a digital camera. But times have changed and so have standards. And having a 4 or 5 MP cam is the thing. But I never thought I’d see the day when I’d actually wrap my mitts around a 10.1 MP cam (Yes I know there are higher, but wow). Thanks to the people at Casio, we here at TOV are gettin just that chance to play with their new cam in the thin Exilim line. I had the chance to review the S600 and by the Snapple that flows throw me, it was good. But how does the Z1000 fares? Read on and find out.

Casio Exilim Zoom Z-1000 10.1 MP

I thought when I’d gotten the Z1000 that this would simply be a repeat of the S600 and in some areas that holds true. But right away you see the differences start with the size. The Z1000 is bigger and a bit thicker than its little brother. Yea it still fits in your front pocket with ease, but it’s more noticeable. The button layout stays the same. And that’s a good thing because I liked the layout and the fact that the size is a bit bigger, means my big paws will have an easier time getting to all the switches. The only change I'm not a fan of is the zoom switch. Rather than a left/right flat button, it has this wheel type switch, which I find cumbersome, especially when you’re dealing with the size of the unit.

But the biggest and best change would have to go to the view screen - it's much bigger than the S600. In fact if it were not for the menu, best shot, and setting buttons the screen would take up the entire back side of the camera. This helps so much like you would not believe because you get to see a much bigger picture. I’m not talking a bigger picture in general, I mean when you’re trying to nail the perfect shot and you really want to make sure everything is set just right, you don’t have to squint so much at a small screen. The bigger screen increases your viewing range, so if you want to let’s say get that perfect landscape shot, there it is.

Casio Exilim Zoom Z-1000 10.1 MP

Aesthetics aside, this is a 10.1 megapixel camera we’re holding, how the hell does it look? Well the short answer is great with a but and a however on the side. It’s great because the pictures are sharp and colors leap out at ya. There’s no getting around it, once you go 10 you will never go back to 6. (Why does that sound so bad…)But even with the anti-shake on, the pictures still come out a bit fuzzy. Believe me I played with just about every option there could be and I still could not get past this blur. However the pics that you do take look great, I am impressed with the power that is 10 MP. And added plus has been and still remains even now is the “Best Shot” option. Like the S600, there ‘s a button called BS where you can choose a template that will automatically adjust the camera pertaining to the particular shot you wanna take. Inside, outside… Westside, eastside..where they at? Oh that’s a Boost Mobile thing. Forget it. The Z1000 gives you 6 additional templates to play with from the 32 of the S600. Not only that the Z10000 gives you a ton of other options to play with, keeping true to what the Exilim is all about: making a novice feel like he’s a pro. Now with 10 MP you can really feel like one and your pictures will show it too.

You also have the option to take video, but to get the right amount of footage you will need a bigger card, so if the Exilim Z1000 is what your looking at then prepare to invest. Don’t worry the people at Sandisk have you covered. Battery life is also a plus as you can be out for hours snapping pics without worry that the sucker will drain on you just when you finally got the group together for a mega pic. Overall the Exilim Z1000 kicks ass and still takes great pics. Even with the blur, pics look great, plus the fact that it has a wider view screen, more templates for bestshot, still takes sweet videos, all at a price you can afford, how can you miss? It’s all that in a neat little package that you can slip in your pocket. Its Casio Z1000 Exilim 10 MP digicam, Valkor tested and TOV approved.

Click here for my finest shot taken with the Z1000