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Acase Dual Case Review

Acase Covers Hey gang, Valkor here, hoping you guys had a safe and eventful ringing in the year 2013. For me, with the start of a new year, I'm looking forward to my journey west to test out some of the hottest new gadgets and gadget accessories that are set for the distant and not so distant future – I'm talking CES 2013. So to close things out on the tech side, we'll take a look at some cases from new tech accessory company – Acase. And they've sent over a couple of cases that iPhone 5 users may have some interest in… especially one in particular.

Acase Superleggera Pro – Offering up dual protection: soft on the inside and hard outside, the Superleggera Pro readily protects against moderate impact, is scratch resistant, and because of it's matte finish, it won't smudge so easy or attract fingerprints. Having tried it on a friend's phone, it went in easily enough, in the end providing a solid fit.

Acase Cases

Acase Collatio Genuine Leather Wallet – I've noticed these wallet style casings more and more, especially with the release of the Galaxy Note 2. But getting back to Acase's wallet, this baby is made from 100% Cordoba leather with three pouches for holding credit cards, business cards and such, and an additional pocket for holding money, receipts, etc.

Acase Cases

You can get a Superleggera Pro case for the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, and Samsung Galaxy S3 (TOV was given cases for the iPhone 5) in a wide variety of colors, while the Leather wallet is exclusively for the iPhone 5 with two colors available - red or brown. So after putting the cases through the TOV paces, it's time to give them their score in the TOV Breakdown.

Acase Cases

The Bang:

First up is the Superleggera Pro cases; I'm a big fan of dual protection in my cases and I have to say the Superleggera Pro gives the phone a solid fit with no issues in taking it out once it's set or accessing the phone's ports. And while I'm not a huge fan of the finish, it does keep the smudges and prints away. As for the Collatio case; this would be most suitable for the business traveler, especially those who're frequent flyers. Not only does the case look professional, but it gives immediate access to your ID, money, credit cards, plus the phone. Can you imagine going through the TSA and BAM! Everything you need is right in the palm of your hand. No need to go fumbling around trying to find what you need. Finally the leather itself is of good quality and is quite soft to the touch. So In the end the Superleggera Pro offers protection, while the Collatio offers style and functionality. Hmmmmm choices, choices…

Acase Cases

The Slack:

This first one is very nitpicky; while I'm not a fan of the gloss because of easy fingerprinting and smudges, I do like the way it shines. However I find the Superleggera cases look... rather dull. Actually the black and the red colors are nice, but the other colors… not so much. And the Collatio took a hot minute to get in the case. Once in however it was in, but it took a bit of a struggle to get it set.

Acase Cases

Both Acase cases – the Superleggera Pro and the Collatio leather wallet are available now and you can pick one up at the company's website by clicking on that logo to the right. So, do you want protection? Or style? Really the choice is yours and when you go Acase, you can't go wrong. So out of TOV 5 stars, I give the Acase cases a 4 and they've been Valkor tested, TOV Approved.

Acase Cases

Email: valkor@the-other-view.com

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Acase Dual Case Review
The Bang: Both make excellent choices for your phone needs
The Slack: Matte finish is kinda dull and the leather case is a tad tricky.
TOV 5 star rating: 4 stars

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