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Alien Raiders DVD Review

So the Val-cave got a new movie from Warner Bros. and your friendly neighborhood reporter Epic-1 is on it. It's closing time at Hastings Supermarket, a grocery store in Buck Lake, Arizona. But the normal closing procedure of rounding up shopping carts and closing out the cash drawers is stopped just before closing when a group of masked people invade the store, killing several of the employees and shoppers and holding the rest hostage. At first the people led by a man called Ritter (Carlos Bernard) appear to be robbers or terrorists, but they reveal themselves to be scientists that have discovered and tracked down an alien infestation at this store and they are determined to find out which of the survivors are extraterrestrials and end the invasion by any means necessary. They have a man called Spooky (Philip Newby) who can scan them and find out if they are infected but while searching a cop is inside and takes the law into his own hands and kills a couple of them including Spooky and then gets shot. Ritter then tells his associates Kane (Rockmond Dunbar), Sterling (Courtney Ford), and Logan (Tom Kiesche) that they have to do it the long way which is cutting off their pinky finger and seeing if it grows back; yea its that simple. So they do their research and find out the cop they shot earlier is the person they think is the king and he goes on a killing spree; they finally kill him but not until almost everyone dies including Kane, Logan and Ritter who is the star of the movie per say. They finally get to scan the so called king because they brought in another scanner and she lets them know that he wasn’t the king… the king was really……well I won’t spoil it for you but it really is very predictable.

Alien Raiders DVD Review

The Good

Well, not a lot of good coming from this movie for me except that it had a lot of killing.

Alien Raiders DVD Review

The Bad

The storyline was too predictable, and I was waiting the whole time for a real alien and was very disappointed when they finally showed this creature that looks like a giant tick. The hero dying made no sense, and the film just reminded me of an old 80’s movie; with all of the tech we have nowadays it could have been a lot better.

Alien Raiders DVD Review

The Ugly

Same as the Bad, but they kill so many people just before the action really starts, then when we finally find the king we don’t see the killings we see the aftermath.

Alien Raiders DVD Review

So in conclusion Alien Raiders was not what I expected. I’m giving the movie 2 stars. Peace up out!!!!

Alien Raiders DVD Review
Just Because... grrr-rowl...


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Alien Raiders DVD Review
The Good: Lots of blood
The Bad: Too predictable, the hero's death
The Ugly: No king killing
TOV 5 star rating: 2 stars

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