Arthur (2011) Blu-Ray Combo Pack Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. When it was announced that 80's classic film "Arthur" was to be remade, I was a bit on the fence, but I also believed that it's one of the types of remakes that's actually quite doable in terms of relating to a new audience and updating an old favorite. When it was announced who would be playing the character and also seeing the trailers… yea I was put off. But I'm always the one falling for the "judging a book by its cover" bit (and I do it more often than I should), because the new version of Arthur, out now on a Blu-Ray Combo pack by Warner Home Video, is actually quite charming in its own right.

Arthur 2011 Blu-Ray Combo Pack

Arthur is an updated feature, based on the film of the same name whose main character "Arthur" was originally played by Dudley Moore. The newer version is now played by Russell Brand. The story is as follows – Arthur is an eccentric drunk who uses his mother's wealth to satisfy his lust of booze, bitches, and a bounty of toys only a rich child could love (though it should be pointed out Arthur is an adult). While on his way to his mother's event, with his driver Bitterman (Luiz Guzman) - in the batmobile of all cars, Arthur is pulled over by the cops and arrested. The arrest makes headlines, nixing a deal his mother had with another company. Vivienne (Geraldine James) finally tires of Arthur's shenanigans and gives him an ultimatum – either he marries Susan (Jennifer Garner), daughter of a contractor and all-around smart and sexy gal, who would also be a compliment to her company, or lose all the money (950 mil). Of course he chooses the money - his lifestyle demands it! But suddenly he meets Naomi (Greta Gerwig), a wanna be tour guide and wanna be children's book author, she's definitely not whom mommy Vivienne had in mind. But Arthur falls head over heels in love with her. Ultimately he must choose – it's either Naomi or the money.

Arthur 2011 Blu-Ray Combo Pack

Spoiler Alert!

He chooses the money! Nah I'm just kidding, of course he chooses Naomi. He even gets his shit together. But that's expected even if you didn't see the original film. Extras on the BD combo pack include the DVD, BD, and digital copy, behind the scenes footage, a gag reel, and additional footage. So let's see how this remake fared in the TOV Breakdown!

Arthur 2011 Blu-Ray Combo Pack

The Good:

Truth time: I was never that big of a fan of the original film. I think it's due to the fact that I was a kid when it came out and it didn't appeal to me. Plus I was never, ever a Liza Minelli fan, but I liked Dudley Moore's work. So taking that into consideration, I actually enjoyed this updated version more than I expected. Yes it has its faults however it also has its charms and one of those charms is how all the actors/characters seem to complement one another. There's not an actor in the bunch that over-shadows the other, though Brand hams it up a bit, however his character demands it! I enjoyed the connection between Russell's "Arthur" to Helen Mirren's "Hopson" – it's beautiful, it's fun, and it works! Brand's performance as Arthur while over the top, works for the character he portrays – a silly, eccentric, drunk. Really, no one could fail in that respect, so great job. Helen Mirren is amazing as Arthur's authoritative nanny "Hopson". The moment she's on-screen up until her demise, she lights up a scene. If this film only centered on Arthur and Hopson, I wouldn't complain. Finally I give comedic props goes to Jennifer Garner, whom I thought would be more serious, turns out she has some fun moments in the film… even if she is ultimately a bitch (her character, not… nevermind).

Arthur 2011 Blu-Ray Combo Pack

The Bad:

I think Jennifer Garner's Susan could have been a bit more devious or someone else should have been chosen to play the character who's not as hot as Garner, but equally attractive with all the deviousness throughout. Honestly, who would turn down not only having a hotty wife like her to bang nightly, but also 950 mil to do whatever you want while she does all the work? I ask you? WHO!? Second, Arthur and Naomi's relationship feels rather stale. Things between them kinda happen – like when he first meets her, it didn't appear that he was in love with her, rather it appeared to me he was more interested in the tour. And it just goes on from there – no spark really. Finally the "Arthur's Theme" remake… its just meh!

Arthur 2011 Blu-Ray Combo Pack

The Ugly:


Arthur 2011 Blu Ray Combo Pack

Arthur is available now on Blu-Ray Combo Pack and while fans of the original might shy away or steer completely clear of this one, newcomers and also Russell Brand fans won't be disappointed. I honestly enjoyed the film for what it was and I think you guys out there might enjoy it as well. And out of TOV 5 stars, I give Arthur Blu Ray Combo pack a 3 and it's been Valkor Viewed, TOV Approved!

Arthur 2011 Blu-Ray Combo Pack


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