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Casuality Mobile Review

Loju is a London-based developer that was founded in 2014 and while they have ten years of experience in creating games, they currently only have two titles under their belt. One of these games, Causality, is currently one of the best games in the Google Play/ iTunes App Store.


Causality is a puzzle game like no other that I've played. The goal of the game is to get one or more astronauts to their respective colored gates. It sounds simple enough, but when you add in time manipulation, paradoxes, switch gates, and the occasionally space alien tentacle; the game gets increasingly complex and that is what makes it shine like a diamond in the rough.


Causality comes packed with 60 levels to complete, each one more damning than the last. It starts with one astronaut and a simple two lane path, but eventually you’ll have to get at least 3 astronauts to their gates while utilizing time portals and switch gates all within a constricted time limit. Astronauts move in a straight line unless they hit a dead end and then they'll always veer to the right. To navigate the course, you must tap these black arrow tiles which dictate the direction an astronaut can move. You control time by sliding your finger across the screen either up or down. Sliding up makes time move backwards and sliding down moves it forward. The slower you move your finger, the slower time proceeds. This is especially useful when the puzzle has a bunch of moving parts.


Causality is a visual pleaser. The background changes as time progresses either forward or backwards. You can see time unravel and you can even hear visual clues like the crumbling tiles underneath the spacemen feet. Visual decoration accompanies every part of the game, from the level select to the actual puzzles themselves. The soundtrack is an eerily beautiful ethereal ambient sound that fits Causality perfectly.


The mobile gaming market is filled with shovelware and cheap knockoff games, but Causality is a wonderful game that stimulates the mind and puts it through its collective paces. Loju is a developer to keep an eye on, and if Causality is anything to go on, the future is bright for them. I give Causality 5 out of 5 TOV Stars.



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Casuality Mobile Review
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