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CES 2005 PerfectView

Hey folks, Valkor here and welcome to "The Perfect View". This is where we will meet some of the finest women on this planet, plus discuss topics such as sex and relationships. And since we just did CES 2006, why not show off a bit of it's steamy side. CES isn't really known for booth babes, but there's always a good handful walking about and these two ladies are no exception. Oh ya, more articles and more babes are coming soon. Stay tuned.

Valkor's rating: I can't believe they aren't doing a lesbo scene. These ladies get a 9!!

Where did you find them: Nero Booth, CES 2006

First reaction: Ahhhh Duuuuhhhh!!!

Were they okie with getting their picture taken?: Not at first, then again that river of drool spewing from my mouth would turn many women away and it has.

Final thoughts: I'm trying my best not to be too raunchy, but Milena and Lisa are two of the hottest booth babes I have had the chance to meet and I do hope they will, together or separate, grace TOV in the future.

Click the pic for a bigger, better shot

Email: valkor@the-other-view.com

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