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Creep: An Homage to Classic Horror Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. When it comes to horror short films, I’ve learned that in short bursts – it totally works. Why? Because it’s not overdoing the story and it gives the viewer just the right amount of scares to really freak you out. I’m still limited when it comes to this particular genre; I’m all about Roger Sampson’s “Forces of Horror” series (links to the right) and even “Familiar” was definitely worth the watch. Next up is newcomer to TOV, Daymond Roman who looks to give you the creepiest 6 minutes of your life with “Creep: An Homage to Classic Horror”.


"Creep" kicks off in a car at an overpass, overlooking a city with a couple making out hot and heavy. The steamy scene ends abruptly with the woman leaving the car and walking off alone… on a dark and lonely road. A lone figure appears, takes out the boyfriend and now has his sights set on the woman. Will she get away or will she die by the hands of the night creeper (that’s what I’m calling him). You can watch the entire bit in the YouTube embed below.

“Creep: An Homage to Classic Horror”, is exactly as the title states – it’s a total 80s slasher throwback, complete with a cheesy keyboard mix, all packed inside of 6 minutes. The only thing missing is the “white girl fall down”. Maybe that would have been too cheesy… maybe…


The Good:

“Creep” might be short on time – very short! But it does pack quite a nice punch within that 6 minute window. The film does an amazing job with the set up and scores a win for execution and the finale, which it doesn’t always end in that manner, but I’m still pleased with the end result, which was defnitely "creepy". I’m also proud at how the short was able to fully capture that 80s vibe; sure it could have done more – such as kept the killer in the shadows or given him a mask and of course the white girl fall, but ultimately it feels like a throwback, which makes Creep worthy of its namesake.


The Bad:

I think the film could have been a few minutes longer – by… say… two or three minutes, to give the killer a proper setup. Maybe have him creep around the car or peeking through the window whilst the couple is making out? Just give a quick glance at some peeping eyes to really set up the “creep” factor.


You can watch “Creep: An Homage to Classic Horror” right here, or connect on through to Daymond's YouTube channel where you can check out more of his vids - current and up and coming. And as one who has grown up with 70s/80s slasher horror genre and still enjoys a film or two that pays tribute to horror of that era, I have to say Daymond’s “Creep” is a brief yet worthy addition to the fold, which out of TOV 5 stars, I give it a 4.


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Creep: An Homage to Classic Horror Review
The Good: Nice throwback!
The Bad: Could be a bit longer
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TOV 5 star rating: 4 stars

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