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Trojan Double Ecstasy Condoms Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. Innovations in condoms have come a long way from the “no feel” variety; now there are different sizes, shapes, colors and thinness – and ultra thinness. And speaking of thinness, the gang at Trojan has paid TOV a visit. That last time I met with their reps, at CES 2011 and peeked at their Innovations lineup, I somehow won a vibrator, which is still safely tucked away in the annals of the Val-Cave’s funbox (lulz). Now I've been given the chance to sample their latest condom from their "Ecstasy" line – Double Ecstasy. And this could quite possibly be the best condom on the market offering a little something, something for him and for her.

Trojan Double Ecstasy

In and out of its packaging, Trojan’s Double Ecstasy looks bigger and thicker than the competition; the size makes it so that the condom is easier to slip on and off. The condoms are made with latex and when uncurled, it’s larger from the head to mid-shaft and smaller at the base for a tighter hold. The sides are lined with deep ribbing (for her pleasure). The Double Ecstasy condoms has the thinness that the brand is known for with an added bonus of lubricant inside and out – smooth lubricant inside for him, to give sex a more natural feel and an intensified lubricant on the outside for her that adds a warming sensation.

Trojan Double Ecstasy

I’ve been a fan of the Ecstasy line from the jump because I love the larger size in girth, they’re easy going on and it feels great going in. Yea that’s a bit raunchy, but hey it’s the truth. And the same can be said for the Double Ecstasy condoms because it truly does feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. I love the lubrication inside, which adds a nice slickness to things, while not feeling too wet or oily. And for her, I was told the warming lubrication isn’t too intense and that there’s no noticeable difference since there was warming anyway, but this isn’t a negative towards the product. I mean if the moment is right… ahem. Also if you’re used to having the reservoir tip, these condoms are lacking; but just make sure you save some space at the tip, give it a squeeze to push out any extra air and you’re good to go.

Trojan Double Ecstasy

Trojan Double Ecstasy condoms are available now and if you’re looking to make the night something kinda special, then definitely add these babies to your condom repertoire. They feel great and the extra lube on the inside really enhances the experience. And out of TOV 5 stars, I give Trojans Double Ecstasy Condoms a 5 and they’ve been Valkor tested, TOV Approved!

Trojan Double Ecstasy


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Trojan Double Ecstasy Condoms Review
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