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Dynatrap Insect Trap Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. With summer rearing its head of blistering heat, it’s time for wearing less, drinking more (of the cold stuff), and fighting the battle against the bugs. Last year I got the chance to check out the MOSCLEAN, which did a great job of keeping the bugs at bay. But a new contender has entered the ring – Dynatrap. And they look to deliver a solid punch in the fight against summer bugs, or bugs at any time during the year.


The Dynatrap Insect Trap offers up easy installation – so easy in fact that it’s ready to go straight out of the box. The trap has a lantern appearance, which doesn’t stand out when turned off. But when switched on, the Dynatrap emits a soft light that's not distracting. This is just part one of three for the trap to work effectively; first there’s the UV light, which lures the insects towards the fan, then there’s a CO2 coated plate, which also acts as a lure (especially for mosquitoes), and finally the bugs are sucked into a containment unit by a fan. But the trappings doesn’t stop there as Dynatrap utilizes two flaps that shut when the unit is turned off, ensuring insects stay inside until you’re ready to dump their carcasses. The Dynatrap can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be placed on a stand, hung, or attached to a wall with its included wall mount.


Ever since getting the Dynatrap in the Val-cave, the weather around these parts has been rather brisk; usually, after I’ve installed my air conditioner, I’m hit with a bevy of bugs that somehow make their wait into my area. Thankfully, that hasn’t happened (yet), but that just means I get to use the Dynatrap solely outdoors. And I don’t mind because once again, it’s amazingly cool out.


The Bang:

As the temperatures rise, so does the rise in insects that look to ruin your day or night. And while there are plenty of items out on the market such as candles, strips and glue traps, investing in a Dynatrap is less of a hassle and it’ll do a better job with less of a mess than the others. The first couple of nights I made use of the trap, it did a pretty good job capturing a few small insects. Again, the weather is kind of cool here so I didn’t expect much. But on any given night, the Dynatrap worked out well in keeping the majority of bugs at bay and contained. Bonus, with the inside flaps, I can actually unplug the device without worry of anything that happens to be alive from flying out, unlike the MOSCLEAN, which had to be left on or I’d have to use a spray to ensure nothing survived. Finally, the Dynatrap features a sturdy build so small drops and bumps won’t do much damage to it. I’ve already dropped it off of a table with no harm done. So if you’re looking for the best bug protection money can buy, look no further than Dynatrap.


The Slack:



Dynatrap Insect Trap is available now and whether you’re partying outdoors or bringing it inside, you’ll want a solid defense against the flying bug army. And I can’t wait to see what this baby can really do once the heat kicks in. So, out of TOV 5 stars, I’m giving Dynatrap a perfect score of 5.


Email: valkor@the-other-view.com

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Dynatrap Insect Trap Review
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