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Edifier G2 Gaming Headphones Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. And welcome to TOV 2016; 2015 was a fun ride and going forward I hope to repeat all the fun we have here. And speaking of repeat, we’re welcoming back into the cave Edifier, who scored TOV props with their H210 earphones. This round they’re dabbling in the gaming territory with their G2 Gaming Headphones, which is good for casual gamers but for the serious crowd, who require a louder beat, you might want to look elsewhere.

Edifier G2

The G2, on the outset has a very gamer-centric appearance about it, which looks very cool with its black and red color scheme. The earcups are soft foam covered with velvet surrounded by a soft matte plastic and the headband also has a soft foam rubber under a hard plastic strap. On the left cup is a 120 degree swivel mic and beneath that is a rubber cord with a switch in the middle for the mic and volume controls. At the end of the cable you have two plugs – one for the microphone and one for audio; if you have a laptop/computer with the two ports or an adapter that plugs into a USB you’re good, otherwise you’ll be using just the one audio plug. On the whole, the G2 is very lightweight and easily compares to Monoprice’s Wireless Gaming Headset and I’ll admit the G2 does have an edgier design. Other than that there really isn’t all that much too them.

Edifier G2

You can use Edifier’s G2 headphones with most devices – even the Playstation 4, which it can simply plug into the headphone jack on the joystick. The G2 is one of two gaming headphones from Edifier, with the second – K815, looks to be something above casual. And I’m ready to give it a Val-Cave run, but until that time, let’s see how the G2 holds up in the TOV Breakdown.

Edifier G2

The Bang:

Edifier’s G2 Gaming Headsets, much like the H210, is all about keeping it simple – and I’m OK with that. The headphones aren’t overloaded with extra features or cables that I have to fuss with - most gamers just wanna plug in and enjoy, in which the G2 does just that. Audio is clean and clear and when it comes to the bass… it’s leveled nicely but it could use more thump; you can feel the beats and explosions, but it won’t rock your eardrums. Overall, audio presentation is a little on the soft side, but you’ll still get decent quality sound. Finally, the G2 headphones are mad light and so comfortable that they’re not even a burden after prolonged use. In the end, the Edifier’s G2 are a simple yet very effective pair of gaming headphones worth checking out.

Edifier G2

The Slack:

The one drawback of the G2 is that it has two plugs at the end of its cable – one for the mic and one for audio; if you don’t have dual audio ports then the mic plug is essentially useless. I haven’t been able to test out the headphone’s mic feature because I don’t have a device with two ports. The team at Edifier might have realized this because the K815 has a single plug for both mic and audio.

Edifier G2

The Edifier G2 Gaming Headset is available now and if you’re interested then just click that logo to the right to learn more about the company as well as other audio products they provide. And as for the G2, if you’re looking for something simple that sounds great then this would be a wise investment. But if you need something with more bite, then you might want to look elsewhere. And out of TOV 5 stars, I’m giving the G2 a 3.5.

Edifier G2

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Edifier G2 Gaming Headphones Review
The Bang:Decent audio, nice design
The Slack: dual audio plugs
TOV 5 star rating: 3.5 stars

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