Edifier i285 Headphone Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. I’ve been on a bit of a tech downer since the cord to my laptop went bust. But now that I’ve gotten it replaced, we can now proceed with all of the TOV shenanigans that I enjoy. And speaking of tech, Edifier is back with their latest earbuds that do a bit more than the last pair that crossed my desk. Check it out, we’re about to delve into Edifier’s i285 headphones!

Edifier i285 Earbuds

Starting off with the look, the i285 earbuds appear similar to the H210 in that it features a “bullet-shaped” design; however the i285 is slightly longer on the buds and packing better drivers than the H210. But don’t slouch on the H210 as they’re meant to be simple and more for the budget conscious. What continues to separate the two is that the i285 has an inline mic and remote for answering calls as well as controlling the volume along with starting/pausing your tunes. The headphones tout noise-isolation, which is always a plus in today’s headphones, especially if your commuter-heavy such as myself, and you need to drown out all the “stuff” that’s going on around you. So, let's see how the i285 compare to similar models that have reached the Val-Cave.

Vs. H210 – If you own the H210, then the i285 is a definite upgrade that offers a broader audio experience overall.

Vs. ToughTested Jobsite – While the Jobsites were meant more for protection, the headphones have a thicker bass and a higher quality audio experience than the i285. However, the i285’s are more robust and fit better.

Lastly, Edifier’s i285 come in two colors – black and white, so you don’t get the range of colors like you would the H210, but you do get the neutral colors that work for just about anyone. Still, it’s all about keeping it simple and with that I’d say Edifier has succeeded. But let’s delve further into the headphones as we dip into the TOV Breakdown.

Edifier i285 Earbuds

The Bang:

If you’re looking for a pair of buds that are simple, sound sweet and will get you through the day of whatever it is you’re doing, then let Edifier’s i285 earphones into your world. Audio quality is crisp, clear and robust with a decent level of bass that has all the bumps and thumps in all the right places. Testing out different ranges of MP3s, from highs and the lows, shows the strength of these headphones as across the board, each level proved easy on the ears – even at the highest volume. Bonus points on the noise isolation, which helped me to survive a one-day round trip to San Francisco; right behind me were parents who couldn’t keep their baby calm, no matter what. And I only heard the little guy (or gal) during breaks in my music or when I changed a video. Comfortable, affordable and excellent sound quality shows the i285 is the stuff your ears must dream about… if ears could dream.

Edifier i285 Earbuds

The Slack:

The cord easily tangles, which is a pretty common issue with many headphones on the market.

Edifier i285 Earbuds

If you’re looking for a pair of headphones that’s easy on the ears as well as your wallet, then consider Edifier’s i285 headphones, which are perfect for your commute or average daily use. And out of TOV 5 stars, I give the i285 a 4.5. And they’ve been Valkor tested, TOV approved!

Edifier i285 Earbuds

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