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TOV @ Hawke and Co. NYC Showroom Event

Hey gang, Valkor here. When I first to over the reins of TOV, I knew the path that I wanted to take and I knew that it would take some time to do it; since then we’ve broadened our range to include items that are guy related, yet something a lot of sites wouldn’t touch such as adult topics. Another topic I’ve always wanted to cover but wasn’t sure how to do it was clothing. And thanks to last week’s Hawke and Co. Event, whose invite showed up just after my attendance at CES Unveiled 2014, we can start to dabble in a clothing line all of us guys can appreciate.

Hawke and Co

The Hawke and Co event is similar to the GTR showroom event I attended some months ago. But instead of wall to wall guitars, we’re given different style of clothing – mainly jackets that ranged from light to heavy. Makes sense as we enter winter but also they showcased a small spring lineup as well as footwear and other accessories that can be found throughout the spacious showroom floor. And it was very spacious and thankfully not too crowded as I was able to maneuver from rack to rack with ease. There was mainly a wide variety of jackets to check out and what I liked most about the style of jackets is mainly the solid colors, which is definitely my style. Hawke and Co tout gear for the “urban explorer” and the styles they showcased fit well into that category as much of them looked rather rugged yet stylish. The three pics below are my choice pics, though they don’t have specific names, you can look through Hawke and Co’s catalog and find this plus many more styles to pique your interest.

Hawke and Co

Hawke and Co

Hawke and Co

And they’re not just limited to their showroom or website. You can find Hawke and Co products at many online and brick and mortar outlets such as Amazon, Macys, Kohls and many more around the world. So chances are you’d come across a Hawke and Co product and maybe weren’t aware of it. But hopefully after this peek into their lineup, you’ll definitely want to seek out more of their wares. I know that’s what I’ll be doing.

Hawke and Co

Hawke and Co

About Hawke and Co (Taken from the “About Page” of their website):

After 150 years, spanning three generations of an independently owned and operated family business, the Hawke & Co brand continues to evolve while remaining true to its NYC roots.

Our outerwear is more than the sum of its parts. Our jackets are the embodiment of our creative spirit and attention to detail. Each of our garments are carefully crafted and designed to be multi-purpose functional clothing that complements the versatility and exploration within the people we connect with.

Hawke and Co

Today Hawke & Co apparel and outerwear can be found in over 20,000 retail stores around the world. We've grown without expensive advertising or big name celebrities on a billboard but rather, through an authentic, grass roots idea to design and create innovative, affordable styles that satisfy our customer's needs while exceeding their expectations every time.

Hawke and Co

We've come a long way since our founders first stepped onto the cobblestone streets of New York City and their standards to quality, function and design remain an integral part to our core as a company. Hawke & Co is committed to consistently deliver innovative and functional styles designed with the individual in mind. We hope you enjoy your jacket as much as we enjoyed making it.

Now grab your Hawke & Co gear and explore the world around you. It's what you were both made to do

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TOV @ Hawke and Co. NYC Showroom Event
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