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The Monster Eater Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. Though the International Toy Fair 2014 has come and gone, the memories (and some of the swag), I was able to walk away from the showfloor, will last a lifetime. This was the first year I actually had some fun and met with a lot of new companies that I’ll soon showcase here on the site. Is there a possible ToyView in the future? It could happen! In the mean time, to kick off my coverage, I wanted to give shine to a little lady straight out of NJ (represent!) and comes along with an amazing idea – an idea that I love so much, I wish I had thought of it. Heck, you'll wish you thought of it too! Check it out, it’s The Monster Eater. Children everywhere, do not fear this monster, he comes in peace... but other monsters go out in pieces. Also I wanna give a quick shoutout to mah boy Greg Wilcox over at Fanboy Destroy for hanging out and showing me some of the ropes. definitely check out his site as thre's loads of gaming and nerd related goodness about.

The Monster Eater

The idea behind The Monster Eater is simple idea – to teach children to overcome their fears of the dark and to not pester their parents when its bedtime and they don't want to sleep in their own room, especially when the grown ups need some “alone time”. And most of us have been there; we've all had our monster who haunts us at night and insures there's no stepping foot on the floor or else. What was our protection then? A blanket! But kids today, they won't need a blanket, not when they can have Einar. He’s a warrior bunny who’s not gonna take any shenanigans from monsters under the bed (or wherever they lurk in a child’s room), and he’s got the battle scars to prove. Einar sleeps with the child and should the child wake up and find Einar on the floor, then they’ll know he ate a monster and that they will always be safe so long as he's around.

The Monster Eater

Here’s more detail taken from the official Monster Eater website:. Below you'll find my favorite paragraph:

When Einar sleeps over in the childs bed, he comes alive and stays up all night so your child can sleep easier, knowing Einar is always watching and protecting them from those pesky monsters. If Einar is on the floor when your child wakes up, then the Monster Eater got a monster!! Einar helps kids see that all they need to overcome their fear of the scary things that lurk in the night is a little confidence and someone to show them that bravery is the best weapon!

The Monster Eater

When I passed by “The Monster Eater” table, I was hooked long before I heard his story; I loved the design of the monster – the green with the battle scars, that aren't graphic, plus he looks tough – yet adorable. He's also huggably plush, with nothing that will hurt the child while they sleep. You can buy Einar either as a standalone or you can get him in a deluxe kit "Monster Eater Kit", which contains a storybook and monster repellant.

The Monster Eater

Here is a toy I wish was around when I was a kid! It’s such an amazing idea that not only feeds a child imagination but it also teaches them not to fear it - there really is no need to be afraid of the dark. However it's difficult to simply say this to a child and let it be true, when they KNOW something is there - even if it's something they've created in their mind. Parents can use Einar as a teaching tool, to help children face their fears. And in doing so they'll not only teach the child that the dark is nothing to truly be afraid of and it's safe to sleep in their own bed… though you know, just to be safe you may want to look in on the little tike(s) just to make sure everything is OK.

The Monster Eater

No child shall fear the boogeyman ever again or any creepy monster that lurks within a child’s room at night. Not so long as they have The Monster Eater by their side; he’ll be sure to take care of the baddies promising parents and their child a pleasant and sound sleep. Out of TOV 5 stars, The Monster Eater gets an instant 5 star perfect. Such an amazing toy would make a great gift any day of the year!

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The Monster Eater Review
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