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Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Minis Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. My buddy JayDub over at 2D-X.com alerted me of a big announcement that the folks at Reese's were making on the CES 2011 Show floor. Reese's + CES?? These are two flavors that normally don't go together. Well the announcement has been made, and while it won't make much sense in the tech world, it will for anyone who loves those two great tastes that go great together; introducing Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Minis.

Reese's Peanutbutter Cups Minis

If you made the Las Vegas journey and just happened to pass by the Reese's booth over in North Hall, you would have been showered with bags and bags of the candy. And if you missed it – DOH! Catch it on the shelves. However what you'll be getting are tiny Reese's cups - no wrapper to get in the way. You merely pop open a bag and pour it down your gullet for that sweet chocolaty, peanuty goodness or eat em one at a time and savor the sweetness. When they hit shelves this spring, you can buy em in a 8 oz pouch or 2.5 oz king size packs.

I can't believe it, I'm actually reviewing candy. Bring it on!

Reese's Peanutbutter Cups Minis

The Good:

If it were any other candy, I'd probably have eaten it and walked off without as much as a thought. But this is a Reese's peanutbutter cup gone portable. As a candy, it's still the same delicious chocolate peanutbutter treat, but as a mini, it brings it to a whole new level! You can shove in your mouth by the handful or pop em in one at a time. Do you like to toss your candy in the air and catch it in your mouth? You can do that too with the minis! Yea, try doing that with the regular size cup. (Actually… you can. But it's not as much fun!) Or Pour em in a bowl and grab some on the go, or do as I like to do and keep em nearby while I work. Reese's mini cups are a new, innovative way to enjoy a classic favorite.

Reese's Peanutbutter Cups Minis

The Bad:


The Ugly:


Reese's Peanutbutter Cups Minis

To you folks at Reese's, along with the folks at Trojan (article coming soon), you've made this year's CES that much more interesting. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Minis - I can't stop scarfin them down and neither will you. Spring can't get here fast enough so that I may enjoy the minis anew. Out of TOV 5 stars, I'm giving Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Minis a perfect 5. Now if they could bring back the chunky peanutbutter style and make that a mini, I'll be soooooooo happy!

Valkor Out!

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Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Minis Review
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