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myCharge PowerGear Sound Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. For this next TechView piece, I was waiting to see if I could get my hands on something related to aid me with this next review item. However, since I was unable to acquire any such items, the show must go on. With that in mind, the latest from myCharge, makers of some awesome battery packs, has something for those who’ve added Powerbeats or Bluetooth-related earbuds to their audio repertoire. So, let’s take a look at “PowerGear Sound Portable Charging Case”.

PowerGear Sound

The PowerGear Sound is a unique, clamshell, protective case that’s meant specifically for the storage and recharging of your Powerbeats wireless headphones. Inside, there's a tray that's used to rest your Powerbeats. However, if you have similar style earbuds, specifically of the Bluetooth variety, you can make good use of the casing as well as all you’ll need to do is remove the top tray and drop your buds in the well below. The inside of the case contains a microUSB cable that’s attached to a 1000 mAh battery for charging your Powerbeats, most wireless earbuds, or any device should you need a quick top up. On the outside and over to the left of the casing are your LED indicator lights with a button just below for checking to see how much juice you have left, and finally you have a microUSB port for charging the case, which the PowerGear Sound comes with an additional cable for that use.

PowerGear Sound

With testing of the PowerGear Sound being pretty limited to what devices I have available, plus the size of the battery, I skipped my usual methods and chose to take the PowerGear along on my commute, topping up when necessary. And for what it’s worth I can see its usefulness, which I’ll tell you all about it in the TOV Breakdown.

PowerGear Sound

The Bang:

If you’re an owner of a pair of Powerbeats or Bluetooth earbuds, then you’d be doing yourself a disservice not picking up myCharge’s PowerGear Sound, which offers a sturdy casing that makes for great protection of your investment headphones. Plus it’s small enough that it easily fits within any bag to take along on your travels. This works in that the casing can take something of a beating through the many bumps it may experience on your commute while ensuring that your headphones won’t get banged up or twisted up in the process. The added bonus of the PowerGear Sound is its internal battery within the case, which serves up just enough juice to give your Powerbeats or any wireless headphones a boost when they’re on the low. But even if your phone or other device needs just enough of a charge to get you where you need to go, then simply dock up to the PowerGear and you’ll be well on your way; I was down 15% with my Nexus 6, which is pretty darn low and I was 20 minutes from home. Thankfully, the PowerGear came through and got me home just in time to give my device a much-deserved recharge. If owning a pair of Powerbeats or similar wireless headphones is in your near future, then consider adding myCharge PowerGear alongside your purchase, which offers up both a great way to take your buds on the go and giving them a much-needed boost when they’re on the low.

PowerGear Sound

The Slack:

The cost might be something of a distraction, but considering the one-two punch of charging and protection, I’d say picking up the PowerGear Sound would be a wise investment. Also, the included cable is too short. Granted I could use any number of microUSB cables I have available in the cave, but it would be wise for myCharge, with the next iteration of the PowerGear Sound, to include a longer cable.

PowerGear Sound

myCharge’s PowerGear Sound is available now and given at the time of this writing it’s the holiday season, it would make the perfect gift for anyone who either has or is looking to invest in a pair of wireless buds – Powerbeats or otherwise. So, out of TOV 5 stars, I’m giving myCharge PowerGear Sound a 4.5. And it’s been Valkor tested, TOV Approved.

PowerGear Sound

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myCharge PowerGear Sound Review
The Bang:solid casing, great way to top-up your buds
The Slack: The cost and short cable
TOV 5 star rating: 4.5 stars

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