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Valkor Takes A Look @ Nadkins

Hey gang, Valkor here. So, after a couple of days of server downtime, I’m all but ready to brush off the dust and once again get things moving in the right direction around these parts. To start, we’re dipping back into PerfectView, where I promised I'd expand on things. Normally I don’t post items based on press releases, but some things are definitely worthy of even a quip toss up, especially if I feel it fills a need. And I think with this new product, "Nadkins", I find that not only is the name kind of funny, but I feel it’s something us guys can’t do without.


Guys, just like gals, are prone to having that “not so fresh feeling” in our lower regions. And what if were on the verge of “getting some”, but when we’re playing an away game (hell this type of situation can be applied to a home game as well – but you have better clean-up options), what do we do when that icky feeling hits? We can excuse ourselves to freshen up, but then there’s the whole showcase of running water, scrubbing it down and the drying it off (more than likely with tissue paper – if you’re home you have a towel option). If the other party has towelettes, you can go that route, but then it'll be obvious you used them, which isn't a bad idea, but some might think "weird". Maybe. I don't know. But usually, it's too much of a chore, but it's something you gotta do. Or, another likely scenario, what if it’s a hot and humid day and even after you’ve showered, you still get that “swamp crotch” feeling, which is not only very displeasing, but it can fuck with your whole day?


Enter Nadkins, a product with the wildest of names imaginable, yet it’s ever so fitting. And rather than go into detail, I’ll let the press release do all the talking:

Manager, Inc. today announces Nadkins (#Nadkins), the world’s first 100% natural, non-toxic towelette specifically formulated for a man’s most sensitive area. Recognizing a severe need in the marketplace for a top-of-the-line men's grooming product for “down there,” founder and CEO Joe Caccamo enlisted the help of a top beauty industry chemist to create the Nadkins formula. Each individually wrapped towelette gently cleans, hydrates, soothes and comforts all skin types while providing a refreshing feeling that boosts men's comfort and confidence.


"Our goal is to deliver high quality and luxurious grooming products to men. Having a very active lifestyle, I understand the need for a product like Nadkins in the marketplace," states Caccamo. "Let's face it, when a man is uncomfortable down there, he is generally uncomfortable all over, making for a miserable day. We aim to solve this problem by bringing Nadkins to the masses."

Manager, Inc. enlisted New York-based Whipsmart, one the nation’s leading beauty/wellness manufacturers, to handle product formulation, packaging and production. Whipsmart created a completely non-toxic formula comprised of: Aloe Vera (soothes irritation); Allantoin (cleans away dead skin); Vitamin E (protects & nourishes); Colloidal Oatmeal (soothes dry, itchy skin); Menthyl Lactate (cools & refreshes); and Grapefruit Essence (freshens naturally).


So don’t just think of Nadkins as just a funny name or simply moist towelettes. Think of them as confidence boosters, or better yet, think of them as a game enhancer. Because you want your little buddy at its freshest when you’re about to “mix it up” or you just want to get through the day feeling super. Personally speaking, I get the idea behind Nadkins, and I think it makes for an excellent addition to the male grooming repertoire. But what does it have to do with “PerfectView”? Everything! It’s something we guys can certainly use prior to a sexual encounter. And given the size of the packets, you have a not so obvious option when the need to freshen things up arises. I also find that it’s a great idea that there’s this type of option created specifically for guys. If you like what you see and want to know more about Nadkins then click that logo to the right.


Email: valkor@the-other-view.com

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Valkor Takes A Look @ Nadkins
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