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Peng Chang DVD Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. OK I didn't exactly make it through for the 30 in 30, sadly I was stumped by 27. Not from the lack of films, but time was definitely a worthy adversary and defeated me wholeheartedly. But I will finish the last three films in the bunch while also moving on to other areas of the site that needs my attention as well as pushing forward with a site revamp. So here is you're first of the final three. (Images are safe for work, but the film is 18 and up)

Peng Chang Movie poster

I know I said I would never do another porno after Batman XXX: A Porn Parody. But this next flick, Peng Chan, was a little too hard to pass up. Plus it isn't porn per say since it isn't XXX… I'd say it's more like NC-17. So why am I doing it? Because the story is actually quite good! I mean I was really impressed and sympathetic towards our main character's plight. Read on! Oh and I don't have too much info about who the actors, directors etc are so my apologies.

Peng Chang Movie

Peng Chang's story is about a young college girl named Nana, who enjoys playing Mahjong with her boyfriend Kazuya. After a loss, at the beginning of the film, Kazuya tells Nana he no longer wants her as a partner because of her playing style and that he would rather play alone. So he goes off to play with some pros. One night he calls Nana to bring him his money bag as he's getting his ass handed to him big time. But the ultimate dick move he pulls is putting Nana up as collateral until he can get more money to pay his debt to Nishioki. Kazuya makes a break for it, never returning and now Nana's life is in the hands of Nishioki. She offers him her body, but he refuses. Actually the guy is pretty cool and only has Nana do housework as well as training her in secret techniques of Mahjong. And it's this move that will change Nana's life forever, plus she'll come face to face with Kazuya who pulls an even greater dick move than just leaving Nana behind. (Seriously you would want him dead after this).

Peng Chang Movie

The sex scenes are not like that of any XXX, more of what you would find on Cinemax after dark. And unlike the Batman Parody, you won't wade through 30 minutes plus of the stuff as the story is the major focus.

Peng Chang Movie

The Good:

And I actually liked the story more so than I did the sexy bits. If you strip away the sex, you get a nice little drama that builds up some serious suspense. For the first time EVER, I found myself fast-forwarding past the "chika-bow-bow" in order to find out what will happen to Nana, what happened to the dick of a boyfriend Kazuya, and will Nishioki and Nana hook up? With that, I was thoroughly impressed. The actor who plays Kazuya deserve some credit as being the standout amongst all as he plays the role of being a dick boyfriend to a tee. I'm not sayin the dude is an actual tool in real-life, but his character will piss you off.

Peng Chang Movie

The Bad:

The acting overall; Well not all of it, but you can tell everyone is a bit amateur as there's much pausing within the dialogue. It's not that bad that it brings you out of the story, but it's quite noticeable.

Peng Chang Movie

The Ugly:


Peng Chang Movie

Peng Chang is tasty little erotic drama that shouldn't be pushed away just because of the sex, because it actually succeeds in telling a good story, giving you the viewer the best of two worlds. Seek this one out and give it the once over, I don't think you'll regret it. And of TOV 5 stars, I give Peng Chang 3.5 stars. And it's been Valkor tested, TOV approved.

Peng Chang Movie

Valkor out!

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Peng Chang DVD Review
The Good: Great story, sexy
The Bad: The acting
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TOV 5 star rating: 3.5 stars
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