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Ploom PAX Vaporizer Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. I just wanna put this out there – I don’t smoke (at least not regularly). But I also wanna put it out there that I’m not against those that do. I say it’s your world and if lighting up one or three… packs, gets you through the day, then that’s OK too. And with that out the way, a few weeks ago I attended the Rand Luxury event where I partook of my first E-Cig from a company called Ploom (their ModelTwo). I loved their e-cigar design and the variety of tobacco flavors I tried was incredible. I thought for this next review I’d be giving that cig the TOV once over, but then their reps sent over the PAX Vaporizer instead… And I ain't even mad, this baby is pretty impressive!

Ploom PAX

Ploom’s PAX Vaporizer is a cylindrical designed portable unit that’s very easy to set up and gets you going in seconds. As we travel around the device, at the top you have a recessed mouthpiece, which pops up with just a click. This area is where you’ll place the PAX on the charger as well. Mid device is the indicator light that glows three colors (red, yellow and green) depending on the state of the device such as heat temps or battery life. Finally at the bottom (or the top, however you want to look at it), is the oven chamber where you’ll place your tobacco product. Included with the package you’ll get one PAX unit, charger, AC plug, pipe cleaners, wipes, user manual and mouthpiece lubricant. To test out the PAX, the gang at Ploom was kind enough to include pipe tobacco. Following the manual, setting up the PAX was beyond easy – simply flip the bottom chamber, add your product, click the mouthpiece so that it protrudes, wait thirty seconds and draw. My first run, I gave it a few extra seconds (maybe 10), but it proved not very successful; not the fault of the device, but because I added very little of the product, which didn’t provide much of a taste on my first pull nor much smoke. The second round I packed it in and… that did the trick. That first draw was intense but it was the right amount to produce the desired effect needed to get this baby going. The entire event lasted a goof 10... maybe 15 minutes before it weakened.

Ploom PAX

It’s TOV’s first attempt at testing out a vape device and hopefully it won’t be the last. However I will say this, Ploom has set the bar very high with its first TOV run with the PAX… very, very high.

Ploom PAX

The Bang:

Ploom’s PAX offers up a one – two punch that gives it an easy win in the Val-Cave – it offers up a unique and simple design that’s very easy to use. The design is sleek, very portable and discreet that it can easily slip into your pocket (pants or shirt) with ease. The user manual is the perfect walkthrough to get you going and in seconds you’re on your way. But what I truly enjoyed? That pipe tobacco smell, which carried with me throughout the day and kept my mellow up. Get some of this should you invest in a PAX. I’m impressed with the Ploom’s PAX vaporizer and I know any device that follows will certainly have its work cut out for it.

Ploom PAX

The Slack:


Ploom PAX

If you’re into vaping and looking for a device that has an awesome ease of use and excellent portability, then you’ll definitely want to invest in Ploom’s PAX. I know my experience with vape devices is limited, but that’ll change. But I’m glad to have the chance at a strong start. And out of TOV 5 stars, I gotta give Ploom’s PAX a perfect 5 and it’s been Valkor tested, TOV Approved.

Ploom PAX

Email: valkor@the-other-view.com

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Ploom PAX Vaporizer Review
The Bang: Nice design, ease of use
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