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Stuffit 2010 Review

During my PepCom Exhibit I had a chance to speak with the people from Smith Micro, who was showing off the new version of Stuffit deluxe 2010, compression software unlike the others. Stuffit lets you compress a general compilation of files or according to file type. They have developed multiple ways to compress certain types of files. Well WinZip and winrar do the same thing right? Not quite, the key is the encryption and the ability to send to masses with ease.

Stuffit 2010

Once I had the software up and running I went straight to the Wizard and it gives you multiple options to either email, upload FTP, burn a CD/DVD or just make an Archive (Compressed files). Of course I had to go for the limit and I decided 20 compressed 2000 Jpeg files; I needed to see how easy it was using the UI (User Interface). If you go to the main screen it might be a little much at first but once you mess with it a little the UI is very good and will help you get the job done. So if you think it might be tough for you, just go right to the Wizard. I like the fact that it can read any of my old files and it even recompressed them. You can compress pretty much anything and it would do it fairly quickly. Just keep in mind the file size. Don't expect 2 GB to be done in 10 sec. I did burn a DVD with ease and it can also handle HD-DVDs' and Blu-rays'. The main selling point for me is I can send large files from one pc to another or a business partner via a simple email link. All they have to do was click and it'll start downloading. There isn't a file size limit issue in any email server. (Valkor's note: TOV's file size max for sending attachments is about 25 megs ((UGH!!)) unless you mean the link, then obviously there wouldn't be a limit issue lol)

Stuffit 2010

The Bang for you buck: If you're worried about keeping large data files out of the wrong hands then Stuffit can encrypt from DES (64-Bit Encryption) to Blowfish (448-Bit Encryption). If that isn't enough, they have their own SITX (512-Bit Encryption). So your secrets are safe. I would prefer to use SIT/SITX because I have friends who use Mac books and this type of compression can be read by MS Windows, Apple OS, and Linux OS. If you don't want to use that format Stuffit can read and Compress to all the following: ARC, CAB, GZ, SEA, HQX, LHA, LZH, RAR, TGZ, UU/UUE, ZIP

Stuffit 2010

The Slack on the Dollar: Unfortunately, the masses aren't ready for such a tool. I don't see the average Joe using half the features it provides. I include myself in that statement; it's great software as now we are going into the Terabytes sizes but most people haven't caught up yet. So unless you're running a business I just can't see dropping 49.99 for the deluxe unless I have a little extra pocket money. But until then I could definitely see getting the basic at 24.99, which would be good for someone who is sending pictures/files out every week or month. Also, keep in mind there is a yearly subscription fee.

Stuffit 2010

The End: Smith Micro has been at this since 1982 and they know about compression. They've made a great tool for IT and Business purposes; Its safe, secure, and very easy to use. I recommend this if you are regularly sending files out. The new Stuffit comes with new optimized features for WAV, TIF, PNG, BMP, and MS office docs. Stuffit is going to have to become a standard in the future but as for today not yet. I give this an un-encrypted TOV 4 out of 5.


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Stuffit 2010 Review
The Bang: Well rounded, packed with features
The Slack: May be too much for the average user
TOV 5 star rating: 4 stars
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