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Tenba Messenger Photo Daypack Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. And I seem to have forgotten there are other areas of the site that need just as much attention as I'm giving the media section. Never fear because Tenba is here to shake things up a bit, allowing us to play with their latest photog bag – the Tenba Messenger Photo Daypack and it's lookin quite impressive.

Tenba Messenger Photo Daypack Review

Tenba's Daypack is one tough and sturdy backpack but lightweight and very manageable. On the outside the material used is a military grade nylon that's supposed to be weather resistant. I've only tested it in the rain (and serious rain at that), which the Daypack passed – water slides right off this bad boy. On the inside, the Daypack has enough pouches for your daily camera needs and can also be used for casual use as well. One of the main features is its camera compartment, which pops out allowing you quick access to your gear when needed. And it's completely customizable to suit your needs; just remove the Velcro strapped walls to fit whatever you need. Plus the compartment can be removed entirely to fit clothes, food, games, what have you; very versatile. And with over 30 pockets and pouches, you'll never be without space for anything. And that's a huge plus for me, as I personally, enjoy pouches – the more the merrier. Plus there's even color-coded and the daypack has enough storage space to suit just about anyone's needs. Even my nephew got a kick out of all the spaces, because as a gamer (not only consoles but cards as well), he travels with a lot of equipment and this actually helps ease the burden as it gives him space for his system, controllers, games, and any other items he'll need to carry.

Tenba Messenger Photo Daypack Review

A final feature is that the Daypack can act as a laptop bag (as any good messenger should), which it can hold a laptop of up to 15 inches. Just lift the flap inside the main compartment and presto! And the bag actually retains its size and; it looks way small even when fully loaded. Finally the messenger comes in three colors - Olive, Black, and Burnt Orange.

So durable, versatile, great storage, easy to manage and maintain, and easy to carry, what more can be said?

The Good:

Nothing more can be said because I hit all the good points above; The Daypack is durable so it can handle some serious stress, versatile in that you can use it in a variety of situations from serious photographer, casual gamer, or even a light traveler. You have tons of storage space that's easy to manage and make use of for a variety of situations, and through it all it's very easy and comfortable for travelling bag.

Tenba Messenger Photo Daypack Review

The Bad:

Ok this isn't so much as against the bag, but something my nephew pointed out; because of all the pockets and pouches, it's easy to lose stuff in the bag. And I would agree, especially for the uninitiated. So if you're interested in purchasing the Daypack, be prepared to keep track of where you put things.

Tenba Messenger Photo Daypack Review

The Ugly:


Tenba Messenger Photo Daypack Review

I've tested my share of messengers and backpacks and I must say the Tenba Daypack Messenger bag is, to put simply, awesome! It's a complete package of storage, versatility, and comfort that's gonna be tough to beat. Head on over to tenba.com and get yours today. I highly recommend it. And out of TOV 5 stars, I give the Tenba Messenger Photo Daypack 4.5 stars and it's been Valkor tested and TOV Approved!

Valkor out!

Email: valkor@the-other-view.com

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Tenba Messenger Photo Daypack Review
The Good: Great for professionals and casual users
The Bad: Some might get lost in the bag
The Ugly: N/A
TOV 5 star rating: 4.5 stars
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